Thursday, 28 October 2010

Style Crush: Ginnifer Goodwin

Hey Dolls

One of my favorite telly shows is an HBO programme called Big Love. It's a shame as I don't think it's very big in the U.K but it's about a modern polygamist family living in Salt Lake. It has one of the best opening credits EVER:

One of my favorite things in Big Love is the character Margene played by Ginnifer Goodwin whose style I have been crushing over lately...

You might recognise Ginnifer from films such as He's Just not That Into You (absolutely LOVED her in that) and Walk the Line. I love how Ginnifer is a style chameleon. She has rocked beachy waves, a pixie cut, a choppy bob to a full blunt fringe. Make up wise her style is so beautiful and classic - quite fresh faced with defined eyes and often quite peachy lips. I also love how she rocks feminine dresses with a quirky twist.

Ginnifer I love you!



  1. ooooh - I love her! - one of my inspirations for going for the big chop :)

    a x

  2. I love the credits too! The song reminded me of belle and sebastian - do you like them?
    and aww the women from Gilmore Girls!<3

  3. aww i love big love i watched the first series and i never saw it again until a few months ago i need to start watching it again :) xx

  4. i adore big love(bill shits me though). and i loove ginnifer goodwin.

  5. Ann - She always has such pretty hair - she pulls of a pixie crop so well!!

    M - Oh I love belle and sebastian!

    Sarah - Ha you're one of the only British people I know who have actually heard of it!

    Paige - She's so beautiful! I quite like Bill :D



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