Thursday, 14 October 2010

Review: Cloud 9 Straightners

Hey Dolls :)

When Nick and I moved in with one another two years ago I had to leave my beloved GHDs I shared with my sister at home. Being two paupers and having to buy silly things like hoovers and fridges, we decided we couldn't afford to buy two pairs of GHDs (Nick has a proper fro that he can't stand and has to straighten his hair daily - ha!) I had to compromise and we bought the micro GHDs. Now, these were OK for the first couple of months however, they just were not big enough to cope with my curly hair never mind my extensions. I've put up with them for two years until I caved and bought a pair of cloud 9's - best.decision.ever....

I have used my cloud 9's every day since I bought them and I am loving having sleek, shiny, straight hair back! The first day I used them I was working and as soon as I walked in three people commented on how shiny my hair was. Cloud 9 claim that there is a secret ingredient in the ceramic plates that give your hair amazing shine - whatever this ingredient is it really works!

The main feature of the cloud 9 that attracted me was the adjustable heat setting.

The booklet you can see in the first photo is a brilliant style guide which helps identify which heat setting to use dependent on what style you're aiming for and your hair type. I absolutely love the control you have over the heat. If you look back through the last couple of posts, my hair was styled with the straightener set at 150 degrees - amazing!!

The other brilliant features of the cloud 9's include a 10 minute hibernation mode - no more panics in the middle of lectures that I have forgotten to turn off my straighteners as they will turn off after 30 minutes of no use; they have a sleek curved edge which makes curling much easier; a long swivel cord; a brilliant heat guard which you can pop on the end of the iron when waiting for it to cool down; a dual adapter meaning you can use it throughout Europe and finally a two year guarantee.

I also want to quickly talk about cloud 9's brilliant customer serice. I ordered my straighteners around lunchtime on the Thursday and they were on my doorstep on Friday at 10am - delivery was free!! I also received a bottle of St Tropez perfect legs as a free gift.

Absolutely amazing customer service! If you're on the look out for a new pair of straighteners I cannot recommend cloud 9s enough. They may be pricey (£129) but they are the best straighteners I have ever used - you can look at the cloud 9 website here.

Don't you think over the last couple of days you can really notice the seasons changing? I'm not venturing out in this horrible smirry rain - for me today is a hoody/glasses/no make up/cups of tea/hobnobs kind of day!

Lots of Love



  1. I'm actually thinking of buying my Mum Cloud 9's for Christmas...I may have to after looking at how your hair has been! Looks lush :) xx

  2. Your hair DOES look a lot smoother.

    I have been tempted by the Cloud Nine's but I haven't straightened my hair for ages (embracing the curl) so I don't know..

    My GHD's went a bit tits up earlier this year but then fixed themselves and they seem to be getting on OK. The only reason that I think they may be on the way out is because they get a lot hotter than they used to.

  3. Great review hun, your hair looks super soft and shiny! I do need these in my life for sureeee xx

  4. Couldn't agree more with everything you've said, I love my cloud9's they're amazing! xxx

  5. They do sound very good, but I so rarely straighten my hair that I feel spending much on straighteners would be a waste of moolah.

    It is freezing here today :( Definitely a stay in kind of day if you have the option! Brrrr...

  6. Makeup Addict - oh that's a brilliant gift idea, and thank you!!

    Rhamnousia - I can't believe how much smoother my hair is!! Hmm I suppose that's the thing deciding whether you'll use them enough to part with your mooooolah!! And that's wierd the older my ghds got, the cooler they got boo :(

    Milly - Thank you my love!! You definitely dooo!

    May - Ahhh <3

    Small Town Gal - Yeah they're probably best for seriel straighteners ha!!! I think i'm going to have to get my gloves and hats out soon!!


  7. ooh im asking my mum for some for xmas!! very excited!

  8. That heat guard thing is such a good idea! I have white GHDs and I don't know why it is but lately they have been catching all my hair and pulling it out. Really annoying. I'd love some of these but can't afford them :(

  9. Maddy - Ohh they will be a brilliant christmas pressie!

    Lauren - I think most straightners will tug at the dryer parts of your hair :( maybe just give the plates a wipe over? Aww I had to save to get mine too - christmas is coming up though ;)


  10. oooh, that was a great post! it's still really hard for me to decide between GHD midnight collection set and this one. the price is the same but GHD gives you the whole set.. what would you recommend? (GHD just looks soo nice.. :D)

  11. I still have to decide between GHD or cloud 9 straighteners. My BF has offer to buy me a set for my BDAY but i dont know what to get to many choices :)

  12. Lovely i reviewed it with my before n after pictures come to my blog to check out the cloud9 and ghd reviews


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