Friday, 8 October 2010


Hey Dolls :)

Tonight I'm going out for Nick's mums birthday which was a perfect opportunity to try some new products I've recently acquired...

Face - Bourjois Bio-Detox foundation/MAC MSF Natural/Illamasqua Bronzing Duo/MAC Bite of an Apple Blush

Eyes - Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner/ YSL Faux Cils Mascara
Lips - MAC Toxic Tale Lipstick
My favorite product of the moment has to be Illamasqua's Precision Ink - it's so long lasting and gives such a smooth line! I also love toxic tale - I don't own any similar colours as coral is not a colour I would typically choose, I really like it though!!
What have you beauties been buying lately?


  1. you look STUNNING dear! I love that lippie, I heard that one of the maybelline color sensationals (I think coral crush?) is a dupe for it, so I'll be picking that up soon!

  2. That lip shade looks lovely for a night out!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. you look gorgeous (:
    That blush looks lovely on you, so sad i missed out on it! xx

  4. wow look at those lips !!! you look amazing !!!

  5. You look so pretty :) love the coral lippie - bit of a different shade but it really suits you!x

  6. gorgeous. What do you think of that foundation? x

  7. You look uh-mazinggggg! ♥ I'd love to hear how you get on with that foundation, I'm intrigued by it!


  8. aw you look gorgeous, love the lippie!

  9. The blush is lovely! Wish i'd ordered it! May have a look for it on Monday..damn you :) x

  10. love the lippie! it always looks horrendous on me though, boooo!

  11. Looking forward to buying that Bourjois foundation!
    Toxic Tale looks wonderful on you:)

  12. Toxic tale looks great on you! :) I bought it on thurs along with a few other bits and bobs, cant wait to try them out xx

  13. Love it :) so pretty!
    I love ur hair a lot, I have decided!
    I've actually been fairly :/ good with my purchases reently. I bought a few winter musts, but with makeup I've been good. However I have just purchased toxic tale - very excited to recieve it

  14. You look gorgeous! Love your lippie :)

  15. Caitlin - Thank you so much! oh i'm going to go and have a look, my friend missed out on it and it's sold out now, thank you!!!!!

    Marie - it's so lovely and bright eh?

    LaurenStephanie - Thank you! Ohh that's rubbish :( I can't believe how quickly things sold out!

    Curves Ahead Makeup - Thank you so much!

    LilyLipstick - it was a little bit of gamble as I wasn't too sure if it was going to suit me but I'm so glad I bought it!

    Karleigh - Thank you! I'm going to review it properly, I like it but not on it's own, I need to mix it with something it doesn't smell very nice!

    Jennie - Thank you so much!!!! I'm going to review it properly, I do like it bit it's a little too runny so I mix it with a GOSH foundation! It doesn't smell very nice though!

    Jessica Rose - Ohh thank you!

    LaurenRhiannon - hehe I hope you find it! It's rather lovely and you only need to use a teeny bit!

    Persephone - Ohh I thought Corals would look terrible on me too, you should try again and see!!

    M - Ohh let me know how you like it! Thank you so much!

    Ayden - Eee can't wait to see toxic tale on you!!!

    Steph - I wish I could say it was all mine :( I was doing so well make up wise however this week has been terrible, spending ban is back in place!! Ooh def post photos of toxic tale when you get it!

    Caz - Thank you so much!


  16. Wowie someone looks beautiful!
    Your skin looks amazing hun, I'd like to know what that foundations like.. post maybe ;)?
    That blush & lippie go perfectly together and suits you a lot.. I'll be getting toxic tale out tomorrow night :P
    Hope you enjoyed xx

  17. You look so, so, so pretty! Bite of an Apples looks absolutely amazing on you and with Toxic Tale! Hope you had a fun night :)

  18. beautiful.
    I tried the Bourjois yesterday and hated it! I think I need to jump on the illamasqua bandwagon! x

  19. you look amazing! i really want to try the bourjois bio detox, let us know how you get on with with? :) xoxo

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  21. This colour really suits you! It's beautiful!!

    Please could you follow ? She has entered channel 4's best young blogger award and needs followers, you won't regret it, she is awesome :) thanks xxx

  22. Abbie - Yeah, I'll def post on it soon as a few people have asked :D Bet toxic tale looks fab on you!

    Tiffany - Thank you so much my love!

    Giddy Princess - Thank you :D

    Emily - I really don't like it on it's own but love it mixed with a gosh foundation!

    Natalie - I will do my love!

    Eri - thank you!

    Amy - Thank you so much



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