Monday, 11 October 2010

Illamasqua Rude Cream Blush

Hey Dolls :)
On a recent shopping trip I popped into Illamasqua to try the new precision ink liner and ended up coming home with a blush - Rude! I had tried this a few times before but had always left it at the counter. However, I think if you continuously go back to visit a product you will never be happy until it's yours (well that's what I tell myself anyway)...

In the pan this looks SCARY - even for a blush junkie like myself but I am in love with this colour. I bought it the same day I received bite of an apple from MAC's venomous villains collection which I have only worn once - it's been completely overshadowed by rude. It looks quite orange in the pan but when used lightly on the cheek it gives a beautiful peachy flush. As with all my illamasqua cream blushes I use my mac 187 and stipple the product onto my cheek.

By far Illamasqua cream blushes are my favorite - I hate cream to powder formulas as I don't really see the point. To me, a cream blush is supposed to look dewy and fresh rather than change to a powder, one of the main reasons I hated the topshop blushers.

Rude makes a lovely change from my usual pinks - what have you dolls been wearing on your cheeks lately?



  1. This colour looks FAB on you! I really need to experiment with cream blushes!

    ♥ ♥

  2. Im loving NARS Mata Hari at the moment ... Had it for ages but just came across it in my stash, and am loving it. Gives a really nice Rosey Pink to the apples of the cheek.. That Illamsqua one looks fab though, Am in London this weekend may have to visit there new store!..x

  3. Love it! Never thought to use a 187 I just use my fingers but find I apply too much =0/ x

  4. Ahh I've been putting off buying this in favor of other things but after seeing how gorgeous it looks on you, I need it! x

  5. ah, just beautiful - this scared the living bejeez out of me instore, but now I've seen it on I might just be tempted, dang!! ;) x

  6. it looks beautiful. I love Rose Gold by Sleek atm x

  7. Stacey - Ohh thank you!!!! You should, I really love them!

    Emma Lou - I haven't actually tried any of the NARS cream blushes, I really want to try a multiple first I think.

    Karleigh - 187 is the way forward lover - though stipple don't brush or else you'll have streaky cheeks!

    Ariel - I think that's the same as me this was at the bottom of my list but I gave in - you should definitely try it!

    Ann - Ha I know it looks bright orange! Wooo try it!

    Mel - I haven't had a chance to look at the new sleek blushes yet, rose gold is definitely intriguing me though!


  8. ohh looks gorgeous on! love your eye makeup too xx

  9. looks gorgeous ,, i love ur makeup ,,
    bronzers and orange blushes look really good on u ,,
    have u tried NARS taj mahal ? u have it right ,, =D

  10. This really suits you! I haven't tried any illamasqa products yet. This might be a good starting point! Am loving bite of an apple lately so this sounds interesting! X

  11. Tennille - Thank you my love!!

    Feef - Ohh I haven't even seen Taj Mahal, i'll definitely have a look in space nk - thank yoou!

    Nicola - Ohh you need to try some illamasqua prods - their blushes and the intense lipglosses are amazing!!


  12. Looks really good on you :) I love your eye make up too! I wish I could do good eye make up - I usually go for the same old simple boring routine! x

  13. you are gorgeous.
    great blush on you.<3

    would love ya to check out my blog.
    kisses from lace & leather.<3


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