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Review: La Roche- Posay

Hey Dolls

Of late I've been a bit of a skin care ho! Since stopping using Liz Earle I feel like a keep loitering in the skin care aisles waiting for something to jump out at me to solve my skin care woes. I am still using distilled witch hazel twice daily which has really cleared up those pesky spots and has also helped to even out my skin tone. However, I still have quite oily skin and quite large pores so after watching Laura's skincare video I decided to go ahead and try some La Roche-Posay. These three products are now the corner stone of my skin care routine.

A quick over view of La Roche-Posay - they are a french skin care brand that are dedicated to providing products that are tailored to your skins needs. The majority of their products contain 'La Roche-Posay thermal spring water' which I'm led to believe is particualarly beneficial to the skin. Also their products are paraben free. All of the boxed products come with a brilliant product guide which helps you choose the products that suit your skin best.

1. Physiological Cleansing Milk

I actually picked this up by mistake as it's formulated for dry to very dry sensitive skin which I really do not have! However, I'm glad I was a little dozy and didn't read the bottle properly as I really like it. When it says it's a cleansing milk that led me to believe that it would be like a cleansing fluid - however it's quite thick in consistency which makes it feel quite luxurious to use. It has a slight menthol/minty scent and has quite a cooling sensation when used. As with all cleansers I use it twice - once to remove any make up (which it does easily though I do use a seperate eye remover) and a second time to cleanse. You get 200 ml of product and the packaging comes with a brilliant pump allowing you to control how much product you use.

As this is formulated for dry skin it's quite moisturising to use. Also, a little goes a long way - I've been using it for a month and have so much product left after using it twice daily!

2. Effaclar K

This is described as a 'daily renewal fluid for oily skin'. To be honest when I bought this product I wasn't too sure as to what it actually was - whether it was a moisturiser or a skin treatment. It probably is moisturising enough to use a moisturiser but I've been using it as a kind of treatment/serum that I use before my moisturiser. Effaclar K is formulated for people who have combination to oily skin who often have blocked pores and aims to smooth the texture of the skin, tighten and unclog pores, diminish any imperfections and brighten the skins complexion. The fluid is really quite thin that sinks into the skin really quickly and is quite lightly perfumed. The packaging is a squeezy metal tube with a really precise thin that dispenses a small amount of product (again a little goes a long way as it melts into the skin).

It leaves my face feeling unbelievably smooth and soft. After using this for a month, twice daily I honestly have seen a difference in my pores. They're definitely smaller and not as noticeable. I think the key with Effaclar K is consistency and time and I have a feeling the results will keep getting better the longer I use it.

3. Effaclar M

Effaclar M is described as a 'sebo-regulating mattifying moisturiser' and is designed for people with shiny, oily prone skin. It aims to smooth and mattify the skin whilst also adding moisture. Effacalr M really does mattify the skin - consistency wise it isn't a heavy or thick moisturiser. It's almost like a gel that sinks into the skin really quickly and it has the same faint perfumed scent as Effaclar K. Once the product has sunk into the skin (I normally give it 10 minutes before applying foundation to settle as I do with any moisturiser) I am left with a really smooth, matte base. There is no need to to use a primer as it smoothes over my pores - it honestly look like they disappear! Again I love the simple packaging - another trusty pump.

The moisturiser definitely is my favorite of the three products I have tried however I do think that Effaclar M and K are a fantastic partnership together! If you have oily skin I cannot recommend the Effaclar products enough - my Paul & Joe blotting papers are feeling a little neglected!

Have you or do you want to try any La Roche-Posay products?

Love Nic


  1. I have picked up quite a bit from this range. I have the Effaclar M, the gel cleanser.. and two other moisturisers :s 3 for 2 in Boots! I really like the brand. I am undecided on the gel cleanser though! xx

  2. I haven't tried anything from them yet but this definately sound interesting - i might give it a try :)

  3. i should try some stuff from them too, as my skin sucks :|

  4. I have oily skin too so these products sound like they'd work well for me. The moisturiser sounds fab. x

  5. We dont have this in Australia! Seems everywhere but here has such a range of affordable skin care & make up products! Boo :(

    Also, I bought Revlon's Cherries in the Snow today & instantly thought of you!

  6. Emily - yeah I picked up the gel cleanser but I didn't really like the look of it (not too sure why, I think it may have been the colour) which is why I bought the milk.

    Y May A - Ooh let me know if you do!

    Birmingamlady - Aww you should definitely try and see if it helps!

    LilyLipstick - Definitely the best product was the moisturiser, it just leaves such a nice base for make up!

    Streetlighteyes - Aww that's rubbish :( we're quite lucky now that boots stocks quite a lot of good french skin care! And post lots of pictures so I can see it on :D


  7. How do you use the Effaclar M and Effaclar K? Do you use the M as a moisturizer morning and night and K as a spot treatment? Any advise would be great:)
    I have the K at the moment and use it all over my face but heard it might be overdrying so am wondering if I should buy the M instead.


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