Monday, 18 October 2010

Lipstick Week: Orange

Hey Dolls :)
Today is the first day of my lipstick challenge and I'm rather excited! My lovely friend Ruby has challenged me to wear a different colour lipstick each day for a week and post a photo each day - and I'm not allowed to wear seven variations of pink!
To start lipstick week off we decided on a juicy orange pout, enter Illamasqua's Perilous...

Being completely honest I wimped out a teeny bit with perilous, it is much brighter than you can see here but I had to pop on some clear gloss which diffused the colour a little. Perilous is quite matte and I much prefer an orange pout to be lovely and juicy!

I also found this pretty orange bow - it's a very rare occasion that I co-ordinate!

Will you be favouring an orange pout this season?

Love Nic



  1. Very daring but its such a beautiful colour and you can pull it off! Love the orange hair bow too :) x

  2. you are soooo cute! and the lips look fab on you, i think i'd look like a fool even if i tried :) x

  3. i like the lipstick on you, it looks very magazine add - and it really makes your brown eyes stand out! x

  4. Wish I could pull that off! looks very pretty on you xx

  5. Unexpected and cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. Your one brave kitty! Your eyes look lovely with this however! xx

  7. follow me :D

  8. cute, i like it with the natural looking makeup. cute bow!! ♥

  9. LilyLipstick - Thank you love!! It's not something I would wear everyday but nice for a change!

    Noheroinhersky - No you wouldn't!! I think there's an orange to suit everyone!!

    nicolacc2008 - Thank you! For once my eyes actually look brown!

    Abbie - Thanks love! Bet you would suit a really corally orange!

    Marie - Thank you :)

    Emily - Thank you sweets!

    Tennille - I've going more and more natural with my make up Tennille, what's wrong with me ha!


  10. Lovely!
    The Illamasqua Kindle Lipgloss that i blogged about this morning would look lovely over the top of this for a bit of glam!

  11. Love this colour ... i wish i had the nerve to wear such a bold colour :) you look lovely huni :)xx


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