Thursday, 28 October 2010

Emily Strange

Hey Dolls

After talking about Ginnifer Goodwin's blunt fringe I felt inclined to break mine out for a wee night on the tiles. Yep I look a wee bit like Emily Strange apparently...I'm OK with that.

Face - Revlon Photoready/MAC MSF Natural/MAC Well Dressed Blush
Eyes - UDPP/UD Buck, Naked, Virgin/Covergirl Lash Blast
Lips - Benefit Benetint/Revlon clear gloss

For a night out I'm wear remarkably little make up! My thoughts of photoready have really changed since my skin has cleared up - I really really like it!!!!

Also look at my Jack Skellington pumpkin me and Nick carved yesterday...

Lots of Love


  1. Love a bit of Emily Strange haha! You look stunning here, love that fringe! Makes me want to cut mine back in again. Your skin looks lovely here also! (I feel like I've used so many exclamation marks...oh well) :) xo

  2. The fringe really suits you. :)
    Amazing pumpkin carving skills btw :D

  3. Much better carving skills than me! I made a mess of my pumpkin so I ate it instead! :)

  4. You look amazing <3 and that pumpkin is pretty darn amazing too! xoxo

  5. You look gorgeous! I have yet to add Well-Dressed to my collection, it looks SO lovely on you! Your hair looks absolutely fab :) <3 x

  6. Gorgeous. I love Emily Strange! x

  7. Victoria India - Thank you!

    Emma - I loved your hair when you had a full fringe! And thank you!! I'm a complete overuser of exclamation marks!!!

    Hannah - Thank you!

    Milly - :D

    Ms Wedgie - Ha ha ha how did you eat your pumpkin? I would have no idea what to do with it!!

    Jennie - Thank you sweets!!

    Laura - Ohhh Well Dressed is a must - I think it's so pretty and flattering with a slight silver shimmer!

    LilyLipstick - Thank you!


  8. Love the look!
    Your lantern looks like jack from the nightmare before christmas! XOXO

  9. Hi dolly!

    Awww snap with the Jack pumpkin! Yours is awesome too! I'm not very artistic so I hollowed mine out (lol) and the bf carved them both for me hehe.

    We might try to find 3 mini pumpkins next year to do Lock Shock and Barrel ♥

    PS. I ♥ Emily Strange
    PPS. Not been blogging for a LONG time but I really want to get back to it. Halloween drew me back on, it took me ages to remember my password though lol. xXx

  10. L - Thank you :)

    Peggy Mays - Phew it was supposed to - woo my carving skills aren't too terrible ha!!

    Lu - LUUUUUU it will make my week if you start blogging again :D Ha your pumpkin kicked mines booty! Aww that would look amazing!



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