Saturday, 16 October 2010

Oh Tangle Teezer...where have you been all my life?

Hey Dolls :)
I recently bought one of the new travel sized tangle teasers from Boots and I can honestly say it is one of the niftiest little hair tools I own! If you're not too sure what a tangle teezer is, basically it is a hair detangler which flexes rather than pulls on tangles leading to less hair breakage/loss, less pain and really smooth, shiny hair.

If you use clip in hair extensions a tangle teezerr is an absolute must! I have seen a noticeable difference in the amount of hair that has fallen out from my extensions when brushing through and washing. Also I've been using the teezer to blend my extensions in with my natural hair. I can imagine if you have children this would be amazing as it honestly does detangle hair painlessly. This is mainly down to the soft, plastic bristles...

This isn't the original tangle teezer, I have the compact styler which is small enough to pop in my bag (brilliant for smoothing hair down during the day and adding shine). The brush also comes with a protective cover which prevents damage to the soft bristles in your bag...

I've also used the teezer for gentle backcombing - it pretty much does everything!!! Have you tried the tangle teezer before? I quite fancy the magic flowerpot kids version!

Lots of Love




  1. I love my tangle teezer too! Mines black and gold!

  2. oooh. I love my tangle teezer! I have a purple glittery one and whenever i take it out to brush my hair everyones like 'what the hell is that?' :P
    I love it for adding volume to my hair (:

  3. I only just discovered this too! I have the original sized one & was a bit put off by the price at first but it's so worth every penny! X

  4. Ive used the original tangle teezer for just under a year now, and loooooove it. I had really damaged hair the start of the year and I cant tell you how much it helped, and helped prevent extra breakage.


  5. I keep seeing these, i must get one at some point! x

  6. Awesome review and pics! I spotted this in my local Boots the other day and was considering picking one up but decided aginst it until I'd read a couple of reviews :)

  7. Dollface - Ooo I've seen the black and gold one, I like it!!!!

    LaurenStephanie - Ohh I love the purple glittery one! Ha I know it's definitely a conversation starter! It's honestly one of the best brushes I own for backcombing!

    racheal - What's wierd is the smaller one was more expensive than the standard one, but I totally agree, worth the money!!

    Katie - I know I can't believe how little hair gets pulled out! Plus it makes hair so shiny!

    Real Girls Beauty - I really recommend them!!

    All Made Up - I've only read good reviews of the tangle teezer, their website is also really good for information!



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