Sunday, 31 October 2010

October Favorites

Happy Halloween Dolls!

I hate to be so cliched but where has this year gone!? It's properly flying by!! As always here are my favorites for October...

1. M.A.C Pink Opal Pigment

I think pink opal is definitely in my top ten mac products - it's so pretty!!! It's a white pigment with pink duochrome - on the skin you just get a flash of shimmery pink.

Before now I've kept pink opal for the eyes - as a highlight and inner corner. However on a few recent nights out I've used it as a cheek highlight which looks A-MAZING! It adds a really fun twist to face make up and is oh so pretty! In the swatch below you can see how lovely the shimmer is but sadly you can't really see the pink - it's so much more dimensional in person.

2. Lush Snow Fairy

I'm so excited it's snow fairy season again. I first used snow fairy when I was 17 - I was living in student halls with my friend Kirsty and we went and blew the last money we had on two huge bottles of snow fairy - we had to eat out of the vending machine for a week using 5p coins but at least we smelled good (magicsinthemakeup does not endorse putting beauty before food ha). As i've said before smells amazing, looks pretty and it's sparkly!

3. M.A.C Sudio Finish Concealer + Sigma E40 Blending Brush

Previously Studio Finish concealer had always frustrated me a little. The coverage is amazing and it didn't break me out but it always looked so cakey. However, after watching several you tube videos where a thicker concealer was applied using a fluffy blending brush I gave it a go - oh my goodness why I haven't I tried this before!? Buffing concealer in this way leaves such a natural and air brushed finish that lasts all day! What I love is that now I can use a much lighter base (revlon photoready, which I previously hated). If you haven't tried applying concealer in this way I can't recommend it enough!

4. Illamasqua Precison Ink in Abyss

The best liquid liner I have tried. It doesn't move, it's really black and it doesn't dry matte which adds a nice dimension to eye make up. The nib is really versatile as you can draw a really thin line or use it at an angle to achieve a thicker line.

I know £16 is expensive for a liquid liner but it really is worth all the praise it has recieved!

5. Soap and Glory Girligo

Girligo is a light moisturising mist. I moisturise twice daily once in the morning when I get out the shower and later when I'm getting ready for bed. In the morning I didn't really want to use the same thick body butter I use at night so decided to try a moisturising mist. Girligo has a spritz dispenser which sprays a really light layer of moisturiser.

It has the same delicious soap and glory scent as the righteous butter etc which really does last a long time. This mist is quite fluid and sinks into the skin really quickly meaning I don't have to do the 'hurry up and sink in' dance in the morning (not to be confused with the 'I need to pee' dance often seen in toilet queues in clubs).

6. Faux Fringes

I've worn my fringe quite a lot this month and after posting photos of it here again I've gotten quite a few emails asking about it. Mine is from a company called I&K hair extensions which has a stall in my local shopping centre. You can buy the exact same fringe as mine from - it's a wee bit more expensive but it's the same! It's human hair so you can straighten it and it has side layers making it much easier to blend into your own hair!

Lots of Love


  1. Girligo smells lovely, I love it! xoxo

  2. im excited snow fairy is back. happy days!

  3. I need to try applying concealer that way. I have never really tried studio finish before as I've heard its very thick for the undereyes but will give it a go now :)

  4. gna try and get my hands on girligo now!
    sounds good :)

  5. the pigment looks gorgeous!
    i debated about getting when i was last in mac but I was in a rush - definately going to go back and get it, it looks so pretty :)

  6. amazing, why had I never thought of a moisturising mist before!? love it - and safely squirrelled away on my iphone must buy list! :P
    a x

  7. I've heard so many good things about the Precision Ink, definitely on my wish-list! x

  8. Lovely post! Haha love how you sacrificed proper meals for Snow Fairy! Pink Opal looks goooorgeous :) x

  9. Urbanmermaid - It's so lovely! And the scent actually stays on your skin!

    It's all peachy - We'll need to start buying in bulk to get us through the year ha!

    Shifa - It honestly applies it so lightly! It's amazing!!! And provides much better coverage when applied with a fluffy brush too!

    Cotton - Oh you should it's really lovely!

    R. May. A - I think everyone should own pink opal it's so pretty! And will last forever!

    Ann - Hope you like it love! It smells delish too!

    Lilylipstick - It honestly is theeee best, and I'm not even exaggerating ha!

    Laura - Ha the things we do!! It's so pretty - my favorite!


  10. I'm going to try that concealer trick because I find that I could apply it better but have no idea how to do it.

  11. I love studio finish concealer, its so opaque and easily blendable

  12. Rhamnousia - I honestly feel you should! Results are amazing!

    Imo - Yep definitely, I've fallen even more in love with it now!



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