Friday, 22 October 2010

Lipstick Week: Red

Hey Dolls :)
If you've read my blog for a while you will know that Revlons Cherries in the Snow is my favorite red lipstick - it's so pretty and classic and I have yet to find someone who doesn't suit it! Today I teamed it with Barry Ms red glitter gloss (number 9)...

Sadly the glitter didn't really show up on my lips in the photo so here is a little swatch...

Cherries in the snow how I love thee! Please leave any recommendations of your favorite red lippies below - I'd love to hear them!

Love Nic



  1. Wow, I've never seen that gloss before! Amazing:)
    The best red for me is Red Fever by rimmel - the perfect matte red! It makes my skin look paler, eyes look bluer and hair looks blonder:)

  2. Gorgeous. I love red lips, they always cheer me up. I use Clinque's Red-y to Wear which is the perfect red for my skintone and lasts for ages. x

  3. Love your blog sooo sooooo much!! Please follow or visit my blog:)

  4. Ooh this really suits you :-)

  5. Love it :) You look stunning!
    I love Cherries in the Snow too but I've only been brave enough to wear it once! Lol xx

  6. M - I know I hadn't seen it before untill a few weeks ago! Ohh I'll definitely go and have a look!

    LilyLipstick - I know you can't help but feel glamorous with a red lip! I've actually never tried a clinique lipstick before, thanks you for the recommendation!

    Nicoline - Thank you!

    Lucy - Thank you so much!

    Abbie - cheers love! You need to get your cherries on ;)

    Make up Addict - Thank you!! Oh you need to wear it, it's too pretty not to be worn ha!


  7. You're very lucky - you suit so many different lip colours!

    Do you find that red sometimes makes your teeth look yellower though? Or is that just me being paranoid when I wear it?!

  8. This is FAB ... why havent i heard of this colour ... i will make it my mission tomorrow to find it :)

    As always another colour that suits you im so jealous ... your hair looks lovely too!

  9. Cherries in the Snow looks so red on you! When I tried it, it was really pinky? It looks gorgeous on you anyway!
    My favourite red lipstick is Revlon's Matte in Really Red 006.

  10. Lauren - I hate that about reds!! Though the tones in cherries and the snow isn't as bad as others I've tried!

    Stacey - Get on it Staceyyy - it's an original classic red and you can get the matching nail polish!!!

    Binia - Aww that's wierd! Maybe it depends on your skin tone, my friend clare has quite a smiliar tone to me and it looks red on her too? Thank you for the recommendation, shall go have a little swatching session!!

  11. Ahh, i LOVE this look! You look stunning :) <3 x


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