Saturday, 2 October 2010

Quit Yo Jibba Jabba

Hey Dolls :)

Tonight I fancied a little catch up with ya'll!! Hope you're all dandy! I'm a little bit lonered tonight, Nick's away to Belfast for the weekend on hockey orientated business so I've came home from work, munched some leftover Chinese, watched x-factor and sang rather loudly along to the West Side Story soundtrack - a rather productive evening I'm sure you'll agree ha.

Right now my life has pretty much revolved around balancing uni, work and my social life. I've just started my fourth and final year at uni which means one thing - dissertation! This is a tiny sliver of the reading that's piling up around me...

So apart plowing my way through every single book Alasdair Gray has ever written I have been spending time with my beautiful friends doing silly things like acting out scenes from Twilight when drunk and singing Disney songs round a piano.

Also, Nick and I have been trying to be more cultured by visiting lots of museums...however this has mostly resulted in lots of dressing up and childish giggles...

As I've been locking myself away in the library an album I have been absolutely LOVING is Mark Ronson & The Business Intl 'Record Collection'. If you haven't heard it get your booty on Spotify and listen. Here's my favorite song Somebody to Love Me with Boy George (one of my favorite people)

I really have made some lovely friends through blogging and would love to meet some lovely new people so if you haven't said hello yet please do! You can also follow me on twitter here .

Lots of Love




  1. i'm only in my second year and it's scary how much i have to read, although i guess that's what to be expected doing and english degree lol xx

  2. i love disney songs =D
    wish i can play the piano <3
    cute post ,, and nothing more fun that dressing up ,, and taking silly pics with friends <3

  3. Hawaii!! awesome thats supposed to be paradise Id love to go there one day...what are you studying? good luck for the rest of the year!


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