Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lipstick Week: Pink (like Barbie)

Hey Dolls :)

I can't believe that it's the end of lipstick week booo!! Today I was supposed to be showcasing some peach lips however on the day I kept thinking about pink eye shadow and obviously with pink shadow comes pink lips...the title of today post comes courtesy of my lovely friend who said 'ooh you look all barbie'!!! And of course my barbie lips are a result of my favorite mac lipstick pink nouveau...

Align Centre
Overall I feel my lipstick challenge has been a success!! I have definitely broken free of my light pink lipstick rut - angel and creme cup are firmly eschewed with a firm hand! What has been your favorite day? I think mine has to be fuchsia!!

Also a couple of people have emailed asking if they could do a challenge similar to this - OF COURSE! And if you do let me know so I can see!!!

Love Nic


  1. Great post hunm really enjoyed all of these :)
    I think red is GORGEOUS on you, and you can pull off both plum & the nude colour really well. They make you look a lot different, and totally different looks. Basically I think you are queen of wearing lipsticks

  2. enjoyed lipstick week :)
    fav was Demure =S the one done with the occ lip tar. i think thats what its called!
    I think all of them were really nice on you anyways :)

    Amelia xx

  3. It's been such a wonderful feature! I'd go with the Fuschia (OCC Demure, right?) as being my favourite too! Although I really liked the plum on you as well, it was just so perfectly seasonal!

  4. Wow!!It looks super cute in you!And love the fact that its a little bit lighter when applied!!!

  5. Ooft, thats a gorgeous colour :). I've been sporting the ol' pink lipstick this week & loving it.
    May have to add this to my collection.

  6. Steph - Awww thanks so much my love!! It's a bit crazy as I was always an eye shadow lover but my love of lippes has overtaken it definitely!

    Amelia - Yep I agree, OCC was my favorite too!!

    Small Town Gal - Aww i'm glad, I was a little worried but I feel it's been a success! And you're right, plum is perfect for the seaon!

    Blushingloves - yep if you use a light hand it looks lovely for during the day!

    Charlotte - Ooh I st germaine eh? It looks so lovely on you but I think I commented it's too cool toned for me which makes me sad :(


  7. love your blog, you are so pretty (as usual)...gorg hair!:)..great it all! I always read your new entries:)

    Have a great weekend!

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  8. this is my all time fav lipstick from MAC <3 always and forever ,,

  9. thats a great color! it looks good on you

  10. I have to admit, the thought of doing something similar has crept into my head. I think I just may :)

  11. oooh i like it!
    I kinda really want to buy it but i know i'd never actually wear it :)


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