Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's my blogger birthday!

Hey Dolls :)

Today magicsinthemakeup is one year old hooray!! It's been a funny old year I started off looking like this...
and finished the year like this...

In the beginning I was an eyeshadow fiend...

And ended with a slight addiction to bright lipstick (never really saw that one coming)

My hair has went from short...

To loooooong

I found some AMAZING products...

Got to referred to daily as cute ha...

Occasionally looked like I HAD LOST MY MIND...

And in between played with lots of amazing make up!...

For me, this was a little nostalgic look back at old posts and it made me realise how much I LOVE blogging. Not getting all smooshy I want to say thank you for reading, I've met so many amazing and beautiful people through blogging and it honestly means so much that people actually read my daily rambles! It's not only writing my blog that I love but it's reading all of yours and chatting to you all on twitter - I think you're all gorge and rather fabulous!

Lots of Love



  1. yay Happy Birthday Mrs.Blog :)
    I look forward to another year of hair fun and lipstick loving

  2. Happy 1st Birthday doll! You have come along way- You were a cocoon and have now blossomed into a gorgeous Butterfly! xx

  3. Aw such a fab post! Happy Blog Birthday hun! You know yours is one my favourite blogs so here's to many more years of Magic's In The Makeup! xxx

  4. Happy blog birthday! Loved seeing how you've changed in your pics! :) Here's to another fab year!

  5. we like you too! :X

  6. Happy first birthday! I've been lurking for a little while now and it's great to see how things have changed in the last year!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday sweetcheeks <3 xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Magic's In the Make Up! Your blog is the only one when I think i've missed some posts I will ALWAYS read! Love your blog & you lovely :D xxx

  9. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy ... Your blog is one of my favourites to read ... and you always make me giggle!!


  10. Happy blog birthday missus :) You are such a cute wee thing! Look forward to reading many more posts from you xx

  11. Aww happy belated one year blogging birthday (Thats a mouthful! Lol).
    You look stunning with red or black hair! (Just a tad bit jealous!! :) Lol) xx

  12. such a cute post, I love how you change your look. I left you an award on my page, what good timing- Happy birthday


  13. it's so awesome it's been one year, i really do love your blog it's for surely one of my favourites. keep the good stuff coming! xo

  14. Thank you all so much gorgeous ladies - you've all made me smile like this ---------------> :D xxxx


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