Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Elle Macpherson Calming Sugar Scrub

Hey Dolls :)
A product I have been absolutely loving using over the last couple of weeks is Elle Macpherson's calming sugar scrub, so much so today I went and purchased a couple of other products from the line that I'm rather excited to try!

The scrub is from the 'self' range which is 'a collection of products for me. Use them to calm your senses and nurture your spirit'. Can't you just imagine Elle saying that in her soft calm voice? The scrub is a vibrant purple colour and when you look in the tub it is really quite thick in consistency. However, it is quite sticky to the touch and melts into a delicious exfoliating oil.

It's quite heavily scented with lavender oil which I personally love but could understand why it isn't every ones cup of tea. After using the scrub my skin is left incredibly soft and supple but also moisturised - it isn't an overly abrasive scrub which I like! However sadly it isn't all positive. It's really quite messy to use and as I use mine in the shower, the product has got a little wet which has definitely aggravated the stickiness factor!

You get 475 ml for around £10 which I think is a good deal as I can see already it's going to last quite a while! I'd love to hear if you've tried anything from the range?





  1. This sounds gorgeous, I love sugar scrubs. I haven't tried anything from Elle Macpherson before but I always browse at the products when I'm in Boots! x

  2. I've never tried anything from her before.. I normally just stick to my exfoliating gloves and creamy shower gel cos i can't be bothered with messy sugar scrubs haha xx

  3. This looks lovely. Where did you buy this product from??

  4. LilyLipstick - It was a bit different to other scrubs i've tried as it was a lot thicker!! I so excited to try the new things I bought today woo!

    Abbie - I really love gloves for when i'm tanning! And they're so cheap!

    Imo - Sorry love I should of said, you can get her full line in larger boots stores :)



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