Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lipstick Week: Nude

Hey Dolls :)

Today it's the turn of the nudes on lipstick week. I've never really felt that I've found a nude that I like and suits me before - 17's mirror shine in bee-hive comes close but I feel that's cheating a little as it comes out pretty much as a gloss. I decided to break out Gosh Darling again...

During lipstick week, I've tried to not wear much eye make up but felt I'd look a little dead with both naked lips and eyes so swirled on some Urban Decay's Ecstasy...

I actually quite like it, it is a bit paler than I normally like but it isn't terrible!! What are your favorite nudes?

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Love Nic



  1. That looks so gorgeous on you! I got Gosh Darling ages ago...but it doesn't look right on me. Makes me look half dead! :/ I just use it as a base lippie for bright colours now! :)


  2. you total babe, you!! Your skin looks LUSH! My skin has improved dramatically since using witch hazel ;D All fanks to your blog post <3 weeewooo! nudes look great on you, they always look strange on me n__n'' YAY for UD Ecstasy + your adorable little purple hair flower! Much love xxxxx

  3. I think it looks lovely on you! I struggle with nudes too, I think it's because you see nude lips done wrong everywhere you turn on young girls, orange or concealer lips, and I just wish they didn't make themselves look so dead :/

  4. gosh darling looks great on you, you have nothing to worry about! what are you wearing on your cheeks? looks fabby xoxo

  5. love ur makeup ,, gorgeous as always ,,
    purple really complements ur eyes ,,
    and love the nude lipstick on u =)

  6. You can totally pull it off, I wish I could work with nudes but I'm just too pale I think!


  7. Nat - Thank you!! I didn't wear it for ages as I thought it looked terrible! But that's a good idea to use it as a base!!

    Jules - Aww thankies!!! All hail witchazel!!! Ecstasy is definitely one of my favorite eye shadows, I love purples!

    Small Town Gal - I know - it's so easy to get nudes wrong!!

    Natalielinsay - Aww thank you!! I'm wearing MAC's dainty and Dior Amber Diamond :)

    Feef - Aww thank you so much!

    Rachel - Thank you - I have false tan on here I probably wouldn't pull it off when I was my true milk bottle self ha!


  8. I like this one! I love the consistency of gosh darling but its just waaay to pale for me! What blush are you wearing? Looks very pretty! x

  9. It actually looks really good! Not sure if we've seen you with a purple eye before but it looks great, really suits you!


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