Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lipstick Week: Plum

Hey Dolls :)

Again I was a little dubious about embracing the dark lip trend - I had bought 17's New Black a month or two back but had only ever worn it out once - it's time to embrace the dark lip!

To be honest I wasn't too sure at how to match the rest of my face - what do you suggest? I didn't even know what blush to wear - should you go pink, peach, bronzed or none at all?

Love Nic


  1. I think it really suits you :) x

  2. Gorgeous again!

    Every single makeup look you do suits you! Im jealous!

    Even when you did orange lips, you pulled it off.


  3. Oooh I love!
    I have topshop's beguiled and Revlon's wine not, and think that with such dark lips, its best to go with flawless skin, cat flicks and mascara, maybe some neutral eyeshadow but no bronzer/blusher.

  4. I'd use a very light hand with pink blush, to match the cooler tones in this, I think bronzer would be a bit too much. It looks fab on you, I'm working ym way up to trying such a vampy colour :)

  5. Stop being able to pull every single look off, Nic! It's not fair! ;) xo

  6. Love this color on you! You can really pull it off, jealous! :P I think a pinky-peachy blush would look best, but that's just my opinion! :) x

  7. Hi nic I actually have an answer to this because I saw it on Lisa Eldridge's site and she said to keep the cheeks the same sort of colours as the lips you should check it out honey x

  8. Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - Thank you!

    Karleigh - Pah haa I'm not quite sure I could pull it off my love

    Jo - awww Thank you!!! The lilac was a no no though ha!!!!

    Binia - Oooh I'll definitely have a look in topshop thank you!! Yeah I think I agree!!

    Small Town Gal - As I always say wear it round the house first to get used to it!

    Jennie - ahhahaha I didn't pull off the lilac though!

    Laura - Aww thank you!!! and I could see pinky peach working too!!

    The Beautiful Blog - Oooh thank you so much!! Shall go and have a look just now!


  9. Can this lipstick go on the colour of the bullet?
    I'm looking for a lipstick more or less that colour!

  10. Love it on you! A tiny bit of soft pink on the apples of the cheeks would look good :)

  11. Looks gorgeous with your dark hair.
    I wear my plum lipsticks with a tiny bit of bronzer so I don't look too pale and then soft pink blusher. x


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