Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tonights Hair and Face

Hey Dolls :)

I'm going out tonight for an epic munch and some cheesey disco dancing and as usual I'm ready mega early so decided not to waste this time watching rubbish telly and blog instead. My forehead has reacted terribly to a new bourjois concealer I was trying and decided rather than fighting a losing battle I would just cover it with my fringe...

My two favorite hair accessories - a block fringe and a flower! I just wish my natural hair was thick enough to have this fringe naturally!

On my face I am wearing:

MAC MSF Natural
Illamasqua Bronzing Duo
Me Me Me Pink Shimmy Shimmers


NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Barry M Glitter Dusts in 22 and 15
MAC Smoulder
Cover Girl Lash Blast
2True Glamour Lashes (cut in falf to make corner lashes)


MAC Dazzleglass Love Alert

I couldn't get a good eye photo for fear of moving my fringe...queue silly posing photo

I decided to bring the shadow quite far down my lower lash line as after drinking a disgusting amount of gin it normally ends up there anyway...

Lots of Love


  1. You look beautiful :)
    Think I might invest in a clip-in fringe!
    Have a lovely night out <3

  2. You look gorgeous lovely!! I like your clip in fringe :) I was tempted to go back to a fringe but wasn't sure - where did you get yours from? xxx

  3. you look fabby lady! ...would love a clip in too, but have no clue what colour to get, hmmm ... have a gorge night out missus x

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  4. you look totally stunning!
    My clip-in fringe is awful. just a cheapo one from ebay, but even if it was the right colour it just looks shit!
    U look fabulous though, truely beautiful x

  5. gorgeous i love love love the fringe xx

  6. gorgeous! and yayy for gin! i've not been able to drink it after a particularly heavy night haha xo

  7. Beautiful, i love the dark shadow on you! And hooray for the gin :D

  8. That looks amazing Nic, the black eyeshadow suits you so much!
    Love it & love the fringe ;) xx

  9. your eyes look soooo good, hope you had a fab night out xx

  10. Really like this look - I really like the fringe too :)

  11. Where did you get that fringe from??

  12. Hanna Elouise - Thank you so much!

    Kim - ha ha we've already had this conversation - let me know if you get one!

    Ann - Thank you!! Well if you're ever in Braehead that's where I got mine and the lady will colour match it for you

    Steph - Thank you so much luv! Aww is it a synthetic or natural hair fringe?

    Karleigh - Thank yooooou :D

  13. Jennie - he he I bloomin love gin!

    Lillian - Thank you :) <3 gin!

    Abbie - <3

    Tennille - Thanks babe, hope you had a good weekend at home!

    Happy1234 - I got it from a company called I&K extensions, I don't think you can get them online but there are similar pieces on ebay


  14. You look just gorgeous lady! The fringe is friggin' awesome :) xx


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