Tuesday, 1 June 2010

May Favorites

Hey Dolls :)

Here's what I've been loving throughout the sunny month of May....

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

This smells deeee-licious! The mask contains blueberries, chamomile, Irish Moss and almond oil which create a mask that has both a soothing and antiseptic effect on the skin making it a perfect product for blemish prone skin. As always it needs to be kept in the fridge and used within three weeks. It leaves my skin feeling brightened and refreshed.

Sephora Large Powder Brush

Yep, I've talked about it a lot before but I bloomin' love this brush! It indulges my lazy side - because it's so HUGE it deposits powder much more quickly whilst leaving an even finish.

Look at how big it is! It's also really soft and just a lovely brush to use - my MAC 150 has well and truly been cast aside!

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo

I think I have used this everyday since I bought it - the duo contains Glint and Burnish. I've been using the darker colour burnish as a contour and Glint as a highlight and the combination gives a beautiful dimension to the face. Although Burnish does have some shimmer it is not completely apparent on the skin and is ideal as a contour colour - the only downside is the price, the duo is £20 however as I've used it everyday I feel I'm getting my moneys worth!

MAC Naked Honey Perfume

Mm-mm-mmmmm I love this perfume! I bought this during my 'Waaaahh new mac collection, must buy everything' phase (I have put an end to this as more times than not I came away feeling a bit disappointed) however this perfume definitely was a treat! The overriding smell is honeysuckle - it is so lovely, sweet and summery, I'm glad I saved some for this summer and with this sunny weather it got it's 2010 debut!

Topshop Skin Glow Dark

This is one product from the toppers range I've not heard many people talking about - but I really like it! I got the dark version for when I have a tan however I want to go back for the light glow too as it had a beautiful pink iridescence. I use this before I put on my foundation and combined with the illy bronzing duo - hello glowy summery skin.

This is just on the back of my hand - look how pretty it is! Under foundation it's a bit more muted and rather pretty!

Boots Hair Razor

More often than not I cut my own hair and before I purchased this little beauty it was a lot trickier! Using a razor is a much easier way of trimming your fringe and honestly it's almost foolproof. If you're trimming your fringe you simply take the section of hair and run the razor down the length of the section and you have in instant graduated fringe! Easy!

Lots of Love


  1. woww, that topshop skin glow stuff looks amazing!! and i use that Lush mask, its amazing! but I find it kinda drying through the winter? so I only use it once a week, but I use it about 3 times a week during the other months :)

  2. Ooh the Catastrophie Cosmetic mask sounds divine!


  3. I really want to try the Topshop Skin Glow
    but i hadn't heard anyone talk about it so i wasn't sure :)
    so thank you!

  4. I know, I've been surprised about the lack of Skin Glow talk, too -- the lady at the counter in the shop I went to said they were one of the top sellers! I bought the Skin Tint and it is amazing, too! I just wish they were more product in the tube. :(

  5. The skin glow does look great and the perfect product for summer!

  6. Lorien - This is my first time using it so I've never used it in winter - so far so good though :D

    May - You should definitely try it luv!

    Abbie - Ooo let me know if you buy it hunny!

    Jessie - Is the skin tint a bit like a tinted moisturiser?

    Jane - Yep it's so lovely and glowy :)

    Sarah - Honestly you should get one i'm sure it's only a fiver!


  7. Every time you mention the illamasqua bronzer i feel like i need it more and more haha xo

  8. Doooo it! Burnish isn't very dark for us pale kids either :D xx

  9. Oooooh i love the sound of the Mac perfume, boo on limited editions!

  10. New to your blog, and LOVE it! Love your pics and your style, really cool.

    Got to try the razor thing, never thought of that, I am always getting it wrong with the fringe cutting!



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