Sunday, 20 June 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Demure

Hey Dolls :)

I was so excited to hear that The Make-Up Artist Boutique had started to sell OCC Lip Tars and hopped straight on to get me some of that beautiful lip action. Unfortunately many of the colours I had my eye on were either sold out or pre order only. However, I did buy 'Demure'...

Actually look at that colour - described as a purplish-fuchsia this may not be for the faint hearted...

I haven't felt this excited about a product in such a long time. You need the teeniest tiniest amount, it is the most pigmented thing I have ever used. You only get 8ml of product but I can't see me running out for a long long time! The consistency is quite liquid but dries on the lips (however it's odd - sometimes it looks glossy and others matte). Importantly OCC don't test on animals and the tars contain no parabans.

There is a ridiculously wide colour range, including black, white and primary colours meaning you can create your own custom lip colour or lighten/darken an existing colour. Also they're not all as bright as this, there are some lovely nude/light pinks to choose from as well.

The lip tars are £8.99 from The Make-Up Artist Boutique which I think is a great deal - however shipping is quite pricey at £4 so probably best to order a few at a time (there are some yaby products I've got my eye on next) though it did come very securely packaged.

I feel the start of a new obsession beginning...

Lots of Love

P.S Check my matching nails


  1. Awesome colour Really suits you honey xx

  2. Love the bright colour, and your matching nails! x

  3. Looks gorgeous on you!
    I wanna go have a look now.. love the nails!
    Did you do them yourself? xx

  4. Milly - Aww thank you!

    Lu - where have you beeeeen? Thanks lady

    Abbie - haha you should know me better than that, i'm shit at nails! They are Paris Hilton's finest falsies :D


  5. You look great! :)

  6. I loooove Lip Tars, this is one of the colours i don't have ye and now i neeeed it! Looks absolutely gorgeous on you :)

  7. Magda - Thank you so much!

    Lillian - Ooooo I think you should I love it, where did you get yours from?


  8. oh wow its very pretty i like it -gorjus on u


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