Monday, 19 December 2011

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Hey dolls,

On Saturday, my friend Clare and I were invited by Ann to the opening night of The Scottish Ballet's The Sleeping BeautyThere is nothing more festive than going to the ballet - for the last couple of years my family have been going to Scottish Ballet productions at Christmas - it's become a tradition (We're going to see The Sleeping Beauty on Tuesday!) and I was so excited about The Sleeping Beauty because I LOVE fairy tales!!

The Sleeping Beauty is absolutely magical - as with all Scottish Ballet productions I have seen, there is an intricately woven web of romance, excitement, comedy and suspense.  The costumes were unbelievably beautiful and detailed and the set changes were breathtaking - I'm always taken aback by the Scottish Ballet's amazing movable scenes.  Just as breathtaking were some of the male dancers hair in the opening acts - honestly they defied gravity, I need to find out what they're using that keeps their hair perfectly in place whilst jumping in the air!

Some of my personal highlights include the flitting between time periods (the ballet begins in 1830, then moves to 1846 and finally 1946, meaning lots of amazing period costumes) and the inclusion of some of my favourite fairy tale characters - Red Riding Hood, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. However what stole the show for both Clare and I was hearing the Scottish Ballet's orchestra play Tchaikovsky's waltz made famous in Disney's Sleeping Beauty as Once Upon a Dream.

I also loved the three 'baddies' of the ballet - Carbosse and her two daughters Pina and Lucinda (one of which is half pig and the other half bat!) I always think that the villains must be the most fun to play and these three added just the right amount of creepiness and tension whilst also being funny! Below is the trailer for Sleeping Beauty which demonstrates perfectly just how visually magical the piece is...

The Sleeping Beauty runs in Glasgow through to the end of December before moving on to
Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and finally Newcastle.  If you get the opportunity to go, please do, it's the perfect way to spend the holidays!

Thank you so much to Ann and everyone at the Scottish Ballet for putting on such an amazing evening!

Love Nicola

P.S We should be friends in real life if you have seen the documentary I pinched the title of this post from

Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Girl

Hey Dolls,

I know there are quite a few fellow Zooey D fan girls amongst you all - has anyone started watching The New Girl? I absolutely love it, Zooey Deschanel, whatta babe (and hilarious)! And Jake Johnson just makes it that  teeny bit better (eye candy)!

Each time I watch Zooey, I am left with total hair envy - big waves and a fringe is my dream hair! This week I've tried to incorporate a little Zooey into my own hair routine, what do you think...?

 I decided not to curl all the layers around my face, instead using velcro rollers to give a little volume.  I now need good tong recommendations?  I haven't used proper tongs since I bought my conical wand and although I love the look it gives, I want big bouncy curls - any ideas? Link me up to any reviews you dolls have!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Milani Rose Hip

Hey Dolls

I recently completed a make up swap with the beautiful Jess from Getting Cheeky and as per usual, I depended on her to help me compile my wishlist  Immediately, Jess recommended Milani's Rose Hip - Jeeeeez does that girl know how to pick a lipstick!! I had never heard of Rose Hip before, but a quick google image search later I knew I was going to love it!

I went out for dinner earlier this week and felt it was the perfect opportunity to wear rose hip.  Despite getting lipstick everywhere (Please tell me I'm not the only one who is incapable of going out for dinner and not get lipstick all over their glass/food?) I absolutely love rose hip!

Fuchsia's are definitely my favourite 'night time' lipsticks. Rose hip has everything I could ever want  - it's pigmented without feeling heavy, moisturising and doesn't settle into any lines.  Although the colour didn't last the whole night, the lipstick is so pigmented that it takes very little product to reapply.

What do you think of Rose Hip? Have you tried any other Milani products? I really wish they were more readily available in the UK!

Love Nicola

Friday, 2 December 2011

The same...but Different

Hey Dolls,

I'm meeting my two favourite girls tonight for a glass (or five) of Prosecco and decided to use some Urban Decay shadows...NOT FROM THE NAKED PALETTE *Gasp*! To be honest, it's pretty similar to the look I wore last weekend using the naked palette, but it felt good using something different!


Chanel Mat Lumiere / Maybelline Dream Matte Powder / Dior Honey Tan / Benefit Coralista


TFSI / NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Slate / UD Perversion, Gunmetal, Sell Out / L'oreal Carbon Gloss / DiorShow Mascara


Nars Dolce Vita

Are any of you going to be buying the Naked Palette 2? I have every intention of passing...come back to me in a couple of weeks!

Love Nicola