Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Smellin' Sweet: Current Perfume Favourites

I love perfume.  It's probably the one question I ask the most: 'What perfume are you wearing?' Imagine my horror when I discovered that out of all of my favourite perfumes, none were cruelty free.  I took to  google to research cruelty free perfume and two names consistently came up: Pacifica and Lush. Both were inexpensive compared to what I was used to paying with lots of scents to choose from and available close by.  This cruelty free perfume business didn't have to be as hard as I first thought!

Mediterranean Fig

Pacifica isn't a brand I was familiar with until I started to research cruelty free companies however they always seemed to get good reviews whenever I read about them online.  I found a good range of Pacifica perfumes in Whole Foods, coming in both a roller ball (above), a spray and a solid perfume form.  As a rule, all Pacifica products are 100% Vegan and cruelty free.  As a brand they are extremely environmentally aware which I love and are passionate about producing natural products that perform well. All of their liquid perfumes are made from a natural grain alcohol while their solid perfumes are coconut and soy wax based.

Fig scents are one of my favourites so I was naturally drawn to 'Mediterranean Fig'.  The scent is fresh yet earthy with notes of fig, palm, cyclamen, moss and clove with a base of sandalwood.  It's the perfect everyday scent.  The one let down of this perfume is it's longevity, I definitely need to reapply if I want to smell it throughout the day.  I have wondered if this is because it's a roller ball.  I'm used to a spray bottle which allows a more generous application.  I've found Pacifica's spray perfumes on Feel Unique for £19 for 28 ml.  Once I've used this roller ball up I think I'll definitely purchase a spray bottle!


Despite being a huge Lush fan, I had never really paid any attention to their perfumes.  My sister bought me 'Karma' as a birthday present and I love it although it really seems to be a scent that divides people.  It layers orange, patchouli, lavender, lemongrass, elemi and cassie.  I've found that I need to let 'Karma' settle as it can be a little overpowering when first sprayed (I think on account of the patchouli).  However, when it settles it's a bright citrus scent that I've described as sunshine in a bottle. 'Karma' is a far more herbal scent than I'm used to but I really love it.  One or two sprays at the most is all that is needed for the whole day (honestly more is less with 'Karma').  You can buy 'Karma' from Lush stores and online, retailing at £24 for 30 ml.

I have a couple of perfumes on my list that I want to try.  I have recently discovered a company called  Eden Perfumes that create organic, vegan versions of high end perfumes.  From Tom Ford to Chanel Eden have it, for a much more purse friendly £15 for 30 ml.  I'll be sure to update you all!

Lots of Love