Sunday, 31 January 2010

January Favourites

Hello Everyone :)

Where on earth has January gone?? I can't believe it's the first of February tomorrow (Fabulous February as it's both Nick and I's birthday this month!). Here's my January Faves...

M.A.C Fix+ - After neglecting this for a while i've been picking it up throughout January. My skin has suffered due to the clashing of the freezing weather and drying central heating so Fix+ has been a lifesaver helping to refresh my skin. And it's true, it does stop your make up looking all horrible and cakey!

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator - I'm really loving this exfoliator, it isn't too abrasive and is really quite refreshing! Before this I had been using Soap and Glory's flake away scrub but sadly it was so thick that it had started to clog up my drain (gaaaah I sound like a housewife hehe) so it was time to move on...and i'm quite happy I did!

Babylis Conical Wand - It's love! Lately i've been getting quite a lot of comments on my hair and it's all down to this bad boy! It's so quick, you literally only need to leave it on your hair for 10 seconds and you have perfect boho waves!

M.A.C Devil May Care Eyeshadow - I picked this shadow due to the lilac colour, it is beautiful!!! I've been using this quite a lot this month to lighten up my dark eyes that i've been blogging about :D The silver side is quite chalky and full of chunky glitter but teamed with fix+ is quite nice for a night out. Definitely 10/10 for the lilac!

M.A.C Peppermint Patti Nail Lacquer - I'm officially bored of winter and this has been my little slice of spring all of January!

Sephora Smudge and Eyeliner Brush - I heart this brush! Does what it says on the tin - I've even been picking this over my M.A.C brushes!

Sleek White Khol Pencil - This is a such a good quality pencil at such a low price! I really like the look that white liner gives to my eyes :)

Fresh Supernova Mascara - This mascara gives volume and length without going spidery or crispy and looks really natural! Perfect for everyday wear.

M.A.C Superdupernatural Mineralise Blush - This is a perfect pinkypeach blush. I wouldn't say it looks 'superdupernatural' and is extremely pigmented so a light hand is needed but again is perfect for everyday wear! For me, it makes a nice change to my usual bright pinks.

Lots of Love

Happy 101

Hello Everyone :)

I'm catching up on some serious blogging this evening!! I have been tagged by a few people for the Happy 101 award including Goldielocks Beauty and Kate so thank you everyone :D.
Here are my 10 things that make me happiest :D

Nick - I've been going out with Nick for two years and lived together for a year. He's a proper goon but he makes me laugh and is probably the most trustworthy person I have ever met. Pretty much he looks after me :D

I love this photo, it was taken when we were first going out in my old bedroom at my mums. I'm a goon

My Amazing Friends. I do believe I have some of the most fabulous friends . We are a proper dysfunctional group of people but I wouldn't change them for the world

Music Some of my favorites include The Smiths, Candi Staton, The Supremes, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, No Doubt, 80's Madonna, The Knife, LCD Soundsystem, Patti Smith, Patrick Wolf, Cyndi Lauper, I could go on and on...Oh and also...

Kinder Ha ha I know this is random but I LOVE Kinder chocolate. For my birthday one year Nick decorated an egg box by covering it in gold glitter and put in six Kinder Eggs, to this day it is the most lovely and thoughtfull thing someone has done for me!

University I know I often moan about the amount of work I have to do but I actually have so much fun at uni. Anywhere that will give me a degree as a result of making giant cardboard teacups and a 'cunty wife' sign is A-OK in my books :D

Reading I love love love to read. Studying literature at uni can sometimes suck the fun but it really is my number one way to relax. My favorite author is Alasdair Gray, please go and read Poor is AMAZING

Glasgow Pretty much it's home ♥

My Make Up Collection I love my collection, it's ever expanding and a constant source of bickering between Nick and I (he doesn't understand why I need 10 pink blushes...?). I love that make up has allowed me to meet all you fabulous make up geeks, you are all amazing and lovely!

Sex and the City My absolute number one telly programme of all time. My sex and the city boxset is one of my most treasured posessions. The last episode makes me cry everytime I watch it. I mentioned this on twitter not too long ago but it's so funny how many of our conversations include the phrase 'it's like that episode in sex and the city when...'

I heart Big

Lilies I always have fresh lilies in my living room. Ever since I can remember my mum always had lilies in her room and i've carried it on into my little house. To me, fresh flowers add instant happiness to a room!

If you haven't done this already... I tag you!

Lots of Love

Contest Winners :)

Hello Everyone :)

I have not stopped thinking about who should win alll week and finally decided that I didn't want it to be my responsibility to pick a winner SO I shortlisted my five favorite entries and put them in a hat. So first place winner is dum dum duuuuuum...Jennie! You made me laugh lady thinking about your swish dance moves to Aqua's barbie girl, also I always LOVED the barbie girl video!! for second place I entered all other entries into and lucky number 12 was picked who was Kate!!

Well Done my lovelys!!! I'll email you both just now and we'll sort out your choices of prizes :)

Thank you so much to everyone that entered, I had so much fun reading and listening to your fave songs.

Lots of Love

PS Jennie's entry made me break out some old school aqua tunes :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dust It Review

Hello Everyone :)

Gaaaaah another hair post! I'm sorry - I hope you're all not bored of them! I promised this review ages and ages ago in one of my monthly favorites - i'm so sorry this is me just getting round to posting it! I mentioned in my hair history that although naturally I have curly hair, it's quite flat :(. For the best part of a year my backcombing brush and I were in a very serious relationship until my friend introduced me to Schwarzkopf's Dust It and very fickly I cast it to the side...

Basically Dust It is a light, white mattifying powder that when added to your hair turns into an almost paste-like substance that adds miraculous amounts of volume to hair. It doesn't leave hair fact the complete opposite, it mattifies hair meaning you can sculpt it into a particular style easily. I think it's easier if I show a before and after picture...

My hair has been blow dried straight and had a quick once over with GHDS...

All i've done is massaged some Dust It into the roots and crown of my head, I told you it was miraculous!

Oh Dust It, how I love you!! There's been no extra backcombing or products added! What's brilliant about the product is that it's re-mouldable (I don't think thats a word...) so it's really easy to either change your hairstyle or freshen it up...and here I introduce 'Dust-It-Breaks!' On a night out, every so often my friends and I take a dust it break where we re-mould our hair into its original position after some crazy disco dancing :D.

The only one thing I would say that if you decide to try Dust It, try and not use it too often as it can dry your hair out...

You can get Dust It in Sally's for around £11 (though a bottle should last ages) though shop around as I managed to find it for £7 on amazon :D.

Let me know what you think of the results and whether you try it!

Lots of big huuuur Love

P.S My contest ends tomorrow so if you haven't entered yet, get yer skates on!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Hair History

Hello Everyone :)

I've mentioned that my hair has chopped and changed in the last few years so I thought i'd put together a hair history. Sadly, it's going to begin when im 16, I couldn't find any older photos on my computer and don't have a scanner but here we go....

This was my 16th birthday and those are DIY highlights (as if you couldn't tell ha ha). Also look at those questionable brows and that bronzer use...

Fast Forward a year and we have yet more DIY hair colour (why did I not dye my fringe?) and a bob with one side shorter than the other (I can't think of the proper name of this now)

A couple of months later and it's my high school prom...I had let the colour grow out so I have much lighter ends than roots oh dear...

This was the night before I moved away for uni (I dropped out a year later). Cut short and another home dye job...this time black! I really hate how flat my hair is I want to reach into the photo and ruffle it up ha!

This is not my finest moment....I do not know what posessed me to get two skunk like yellow streaks in my fringe...this hair do has followed me around as its on my drivers licence too :(

I posted a photo of my hair like this not too long ago in a tag post...I hated it! I went in asking for chestnut brown and came out with this?? Though I loved the cut, it was the first time I'd had really short layers around the crown of my head...I had finally discovered volume!

I had just dropped out of uni not too long before this was taken and got a short, graduated bob to celebrate...New Hair, New Start ha ha, I still love this cut!

This was on my twentieth birthday...I was in the middle of my first year of uni (and I haven't dropped out this time taa daaa) and this is my natural hair...colour and curls! I wore my hair like this the whole of first year, I would shower at night and scrunch with mousse and wake up with curls. Before this I had never realised I had curly hair!

And then I discovered red...I love love love this colour. In the first picture I love the cut, really short choppy layers. The bottom photo is me topping up the red colour DIY style, I think i've finally mastered home dye kits after all those previous disasters...which brings me on to my hair as it is now...

This was so much fun!! It was funny and bit sad (in a good way) looking through old photos but brought so many memories back. I think I have definitely learned to leave the colour to the professionals and that I love my long locks....Though knowing me I'll get bored soon and chop it all off :D

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CLOSED - My 100 Beautiful Follower Contest

Hello Everyone :)

I want to start this post by saying a Ma-hoooosive thank you to all you wonderfull people who have decided to follow me and my little blog. And as a thank you I'm holding a giveaway. I'll start with the good stuff, the prizes...

So there will be two winners. The first place winner will nab...

  1. Choice of Lush's Yummy Yummy Yummy shower Gel or American Cream Conditioner
  2. Choice of Soap and Glory's Glow Job or The Greatest Scrub of All
  3. Choice of Lush Mr ButterBall or Small Snow Fairy
  4. Choice of Sleek Storm or Sunset Pallet
  5. Choice of Barry M Glitter Dust in 22 Black Gold or 21 Opal
  6. Choice of Gosh Darling Lipstick or Soft n Shine Lip Balm in Barbie
  7. Choice of Revlon's Cherries in the Snow Lipstick or Pink Pout Matte Lipstick
  8. Choice of Hello Kitty Make Up Bag in Pink or Black
  9. Choice of Hello Kitty Compact Mirror in Purple or Peach/Gold
  10. Choice of Red or Black Flower Hair Clips
Second place will get the remainder of goodies! You may notice that I have picked things that I love like the HK stuff and the Lush products which leads me on what do I want you to do...

One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE kareoke (I don't think i've ever mentioned it so it would be a little creepy if you did know) so I want you to tell me in the comments box below what you're favorite Kareoke song (or song to sing in the shower etc) is and why...It doesn't have to be a particularly clever or funny answer I'm just interested! I will pick my favourite entry which will claim first place. To make it fair I will then use to pick second place out of all other entries :)

The Rules

  1. You must be a follower
  2. It's an international contest so anyone can enter
  3. Please include your email address along with your entry so I can get in touch with you
  4. Please only enter once in the name of fairness and shizz
  5. If you're under 16 please get permission as you'll need to give me your address
  6. Contest closes at 12 midday GMT on Wed 27th Jan 2010
And I think that's everything :D. Good Luck Everyone!
Lots of Love
Nicola xoxo

P.S My favorite song to sing is Bon Jovi's Always as it reminds me of the best night out I've had in the HorseShoe Bar in Glasgow. If you're ever in Glasgow and like Kareoke you need to go there it's amazing!!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cosy in my Rut!

Hello Everyone :)

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week I had been experimenting with lots of different coloured shadows and it made me realise something...I'm quite cosy in my dark eye make up rut!! As much as I try to make colour work, I will always come back to dark eyes...

(I'm wearing Urban Decays Mushroom and Ecsatasy all over the lid and perversion in the outer corner and the crease)

I'd love to be someone who wears electric blues and greens but I can't help it, blacks, greys and dark purples feel like home :D. Also, look at my poor, poor skin - I don't know what's happened lately but it seems to be having a bit of a tantrum!

Do you all have any make up habits you can't seem to break? My other habit is wearing too much blusher - it's a habit I shared with all my gorgeous best friends at school. So much so another group of girls used to call us 'The Blusher Girls' ha ha ha!! I can't help it, I love rosey cheeks!!

Lots of Love

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Most Worn Tag

Hello Everyone :)

I hope everyone's good and coping with exams if you have them! As I said earlier i've been terrible keeping up with tags and things so...I was tagged about a month ago to do the 8 most worn tag by Cassie so here we go :)

1. Most Worn Lip Product

Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss. This is lovely and neutral and at the moment I probably do wear it everyday. I also get lots of compliments everytime I wear it so I definitely recommend it!

2. Most Worn Earrings

I'm officially rubbish at choosing ha ha! I love big dangly earrings as you can see and barely ever wear studs. From L-R these are from Forever 21, Primark and H&M and I love them all equally :D

3. Most Worn Shirt

This is my opportunity for some shameless self promotion. Apart from make up and blogging, I also love to make clothes and this top/dress is one of my creations. I have made loads of these, my favourite is probably my Barbie one. I used to have an ebay shop but had to stop as I didn't have the time which makes me a bit sad. I love these types of tops as you can wear it with a denim skirt or as a mini dress with thick tights!

4. Most Worn Nail Polish

O.P.I's Call Your Mother, it's a lovely dusky pink. I've been wearing this so much lately!

5. Most Worn Shoes

I've been wearing these allll the time lately. They're from River Island and I LOVE them!

6. Most Worn Hair Product

Ha I picked 4...I use all four of these in my hair everyday though, I couldn't just single them out. L-R Tigi Bed Head, Chi Silk Infusion, Toni&Guy Heat Defence Spray, Schwarzkopffs Dust It

7. Most Worn Perfume

Chanel Mademoiselle. Simply my favourite

8. Most Worn Bag

Again I couldn't narrow it down. For uni I chuck everything into my good old Pauls Boutique Bag, I love it, it's like Mary Poppins bag it holds a neverending amount of stuff! I also use this little topshop bag all the time eg going out for dinner, popping round to a friends house, it's just the right size and is so cute!

I tag everyone to do this, it was fun!

Lots of Love

P.S I should probs mention that my PB bag isn't dirty, I washed it and put it on the radiator to dry like a right div and the white bit got all scorched :(

Monday, 11 January 2010

Photo Tag and Some...Stationery

Hello Everyone

I was tagged by the lovely beth - if you haven't had a peek at her blog go and do it now - to do the photo tag:

  1. Open your photo folder on your PC/Laptop
  2. Scroll to the 10th picture
  3. Post it and talk about it

Ha ha this was on my 18th birthday when I lived in Halls when I was studying nursing (I left in first year). This is me and my next door neighbour Eilidh wearing a silly hat from my birthday party. Look at my haaaaaair!!!! I said in my hair post, it really has been all sorts of colours. Also this is me with glasses, I loved these glasses!! This was such a flashback I can't believe that was three years ago, I still keep in touch with everyone I lived with, halls was so much fun.

I'm starting back at uni tomorrow and look at what I got...

Waaaaah I love Hello Kitty!!

Lots of Love

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Philosophy's Eye Hope

Hello Everyone :)

Philosophy as a brand is one that I didn't know much about untill my holiday to New York at Christmas. There are huge stands of Philosophy products in Sephora which is where I picked up probably too many things (my favorites being cherry on top bath and shower gel, be somebody body lotion and grace hot salt tub and shower scrub). My favorite product of all however is this little baby (this is the free tester I got on my first trip to Sephora, I really liked it so went and bought a full size however this is safely tucked away in my 'beauty basket' and I couldn't be bothered digging it out as i'm a bad blogger)

What It Does

  1. Removes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Diminshes dark circles - Contains light diffusing particles
  3. Reduces puffiness - Contains anti inflammeteries such as green tea and coffee bean extract
  4. Protection from further skin damage - Antioxidants such as Vit C and E which promote skin health

I've tried to show in this photo how the cream looks - you can see the 'light diffusing particles' ha ha.

I've been using Eye Hope for 4 weeks now and I have to say I have noticed a difference in my eye area. Although I may not have fine lines and wrinkles as i'm only 21, I definitely suffer from dark circles and although they have not completely disappeared they have definitely been difused. In fact, Philosophy say 95% of testers were shown to have reduced dark circles and 98% saw a smoother eye area! I also believe prevention is the way forward, so hopefully if I look after my skin now it will look after me years later!

I have taken a before photograph when I first started using the cream and in two weeks time i'll take a comparison photo (Philosophy advise a time period of at least 6 weeks before you see a definite result). I'm really interested in trying more Philosophy products, does anyone have any other recommendations?

Lots of Love

P.S Look what facebook done for me today...made a 2009 collage ha ha!!

P.P.S the follow up post to this is now available for your viewing pleasure here!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Fairy Skirt Times :)

Hello Everyone :)

This is a quick post to show you all what my new favourite skirt (direct your attention to the below post to read about it in all its glory) looks like on...

It's official, I love it!! Nick and I went out shopping (him not me, i'm all shopped out! Though I did have to tear myself away from the rouge voluptes) and then out for dinner so this was a perfect occasion to showcase my new fairy/ballerina ensemble! I also popped on my new gold hairband to show off too!

Lots of Love

Spot of Shopping Two

Hello Everyone :)

Today I had an advisor meeting at uni before I went to work which meant I had a good few hours to kill in town meaning a spot of shopping ensued. Looking back at what I got it really is a random selection but it made me happy :)

As predicted, I headed back to the Accesorize sale but only picked up one thing, theeeee most beautiful hairband for less than £2!! I also got these two red flower hair clips which look lovely against dark hair

Bumpits!!! I got these in Claire's and being honest i'm witholding my judgment untill i've tried them properly though anything that saves my poor hair from endless backcombing can't be a bad thing. I love the baby bumpit!

I popped into Boots but quite tragically nothing really took my fancy, I really am feeling quite guilty about the amount of make up I have accumulated lately so I really am trying to cut back. My favourite Nailene falsies were on buy one get one half price so were swiftly popped into my basket. I also picked up two completely unecessary items...Soap and Glory's Glad Pits deodorant and Rose and Co Cherry Kiss. Both are overpriced at about £4, I have much better lip balms at a quarter of the price and honestly, glad pits is just deodorant that smells like green tea. As usual I was sucked in by pretty packaging ha ha...I need to stop impulse buying!!!

I got this high waisted skirt in Warehouse...Warehouse is probably one of my favourite high street shops, I always think the clothes are cut really well from lovely fabrics. I also bought two oversized t-shirts too, all of which will be brilliant for kicking about uni.

Saved the best for last...I fell in love with this skirt from River Island, I felt like a fairy/ballerina when I tried it on ha ha...unfortunately this photo doesn't do it much justice, it's much nicer on, I love it!!

Lots of Love

P.S To everyone who has tagged me for awards THANK YOU! You are all amazing and lovely :)