Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beauty in the Unlikeliest of Places

Hey Dolls,

Finally having an aspiring comic book artist as a boyfriend has paid off! Last week Nick and I went shopping and he dragged me into the art store for what felt like 4749374 hours.  Whilst I wandered around waiting, a stand of Royal and Langnickel brushes caught my eye which I knew were at IMATS this year. While I never picked anything up from their stand, I did pick up an unexpected diamond.

This is the Pro Arte number 107 spotting brush and it is the best eye liner brush I have ever used.  It has made applying gel liner so much easier and precise as it's such a thin brush.  The bristles aren't overly stiff or tough allowing the brush to glide over the eye leaving an extrememly smooth, flowing line

On the left is a MAC 209 and on the right a Japonesque angled brush with the pro arte in the middle - compared to the 209 you can see just how thin pro arte brush is. I had always wanted to try the Louise Young liner brush but this pro arte brush is so similar I don't feel the need for it anymore! The only draw back is the long handle which makes it a little tricky at times to get close to the mirror but this is a minor gripe.

Leaving the best till last - this brush cost me...£3.50!!! I definitely recommend having a look in your local art supply shop if you're looking for a precise eye liner brush!