Sunday, 29 April 2012

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Silk Creme Foundation

Hey Dolls,

I love full coverage foundations (you can read an older post listing my favourites here) however, often I don't like how they feel on my skin.  I will always feel a little bit loyal to Double Wear but there is no escaping that applying Double Wear feels exactly like painting your face.  About a month ago, I was in Space NK and got talking about my full coverage woes and one of the SA's recommended Laura Mercier's foundation primer and silk creme foundation.  After using them for a month, I'm so surprised I haven't heard more about it through blogs as it really is a beautiful foundation.

I bought the foundation primer on a bit of a whim - it's unlike any primer I've used before as it feels and applies like a lotion (you can see the consistency below).  When I first applied it, I was extrememly sceptical as it didn't seem to do much - my skin didn't really feel any smoother despite sinking in quickly.  However, my foundation lasted all day and I only needed a touch more powder on my forehead by late afternoon. 

To be sure, the next day I used the foundation without the primer and my skin was definitley oilier.  The primer is oil free which I think is probably why it works so well on my skin  - Laura Mercier say that the primer creates an invisible layer to prepare and protect the skin, helping keep foundation stay fresh all day which is most likely why I was initially a little underwhelmed - you're not really supposed to feel like it's doing anything. Although I do like the primer, I'm not sure if it would be 100% necessary for those with dry/normal skin types, especially if you like a little bit of a 'natural glow' come the end of day.
The Silk Creme Foundation however, is absolutely beautiful -it's full coverage without feeling heavy.  This is primarily due to it's formula, as opposed to the likes of Estee Lauder Double Wear and M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid whose formulas are quite liquid, LM Silk Creme foundation is almost like a cream/whipped forumlation that literally melts into the skin.
The finish is absolutely beautiful leaving a lovely luminosity to the skin.  Laura Mercier say that the foundation offers buildable coverage, however I would say it's quite full - I barely need any concealer after application and despite Silk Creme being quite thick, my skin has never once felt clogged or heavy. 
After reading other reviews, I seem to be the only peron with oily skin to get on well with Silk Creme.  This may be in part due to the primer and my powder, but it just seems to work for me - if you have a similar skin type maybe try a sample first, if you take a  pot into Space NK they will fill it for you to try!  It just shows that what might work for one person may not for the next, despite having similar skin types!
Above you can see my skin without make up, wearing only the primer and Silk Creme Foundation and lastly how it looks with a full face of make up.  These were taken in natural light, below is a picture taken with HUGE flash by a club photographer half way through a night out (I always get the fear looking at these the next day).

I think it photographs beautifully! Have you ever tried any other Laura Mercier products? I'm really interested in anyone's thoughts on their tinted moisturiser!

Love Nicola

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy New Make Up Day

Hey Dolls,

More than anything, new make up days are my favourite days.  Combine this with 3 for 2 in Boots and my purse is significantly lighter.  Two new products which I bought and and wore on a recent night out were Katy Perry and Eyelure 'Oh, My' lashes and L'oreal Caresse lipstick in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia.

Oh, My!

I love false lashes and have used many different types and brands but these are by far the thickest I have ever worn.  I was a little worried whether they would look a little too big and unnatural but I paired them with quite minimal eye make up and really loved them.

The lashes have a really thick band which did make them a little harder to apply - you definitely need to use a little more glue than usual. I also found that wrapping the lashes around the handle of a thin make up brush helped bend the band into a more natural shape.  I've since repurchased these and two other pairs of Katy Perry lashes - I can't wait to try them!

L'oreal Caresse in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

I was really excited to try the L'oreal Caresse lipsticks after reading some reviews comparing them with Revlon's lip butters. Impulsive Fuchsia is quite similar in colour to lollipop - a bright fuchsia with a blue undertone.  As I said with Lollipop, Impulsive Fuchsia would be perfect if you are just beginning to experiment with lip colour due to the formula however I think Revlon's lip butters are a little easier to work with as this did bleed a little when I first applied it and they feel a little less moisturising. 


Have you tried the Katy Perry lashes or any of the Caresse lipsticks? I would love to know your thoughts or any recommendations!

Love Nicola