Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Hello Everyone :)

Just a quick post to share a FOTD with ya'll, i'm working in an hour then going to see the Nutcracker (my last christmas activity) so I had to do fairly dramatic make up for work as I will have no time tonight to get ready...


Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Mac MSF Natural
NARS Laguna Bronzer
MAC MSF Pefect Topping
MAC Mineralise Blush Superduper-Natural


Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Strut
Urban Decay Shadow in Perversion
MAC Pigment in Shimmertime in the inner corner
Illamasqua Shadow in Vanian as highlight
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on top lashes
Benefit Bad Gal Pencil in lower lash line


NARS gloss in Orgasm

Now it's just to get through silly work and then it's off to The Nutcracker. I'm so so so excited i've always wanted to see it!!

Lots of Love

Monday, 28 December 2009


Hello :)

In my NY Haul post I shared a photo of the polishes I bought when I was away. Today was the first time I used the Illamasqua polish in DWS...

I really am so impressed! This pigmentation was achieved after only one coat, it dried really quickly and I think it's such a lovely, quite unusual colour. I only have a few Illamasqua products but I have been so impressed with everything I have tried so far.

Has anyone got any recommendations of Illamasqua products I should try, I've been thinking about the cream blushes? I'd love to hear your suggestions :)

Lots of Love
Nicola xoxo

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day

Hello :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I had such a lovely and fun day and thought I would share some silly photos as I've really enjoyed looking at everyone elses! On Christmas Day I woke up in my little flat with Nick and we gave each other our presents...

We then went round to Nick's mums for a yummy Christmas breakfast...This is a photo of Nick and his brother Jonny modeling the hockey tops I brought them back from NY...

Nick and I then went our separate ways - he went to his dads for Christmas lunch and I went to my mum and dads...

How beautiful is my snowy garden and front door? It was perfect Christmassy weather! However, when Nick came to pick me up his car got stuck in all the snow, he had to get pushed up the drive ha ha! I really do hope everyone had a lovely day!

Lots of Love
Nic xx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmassy Times

Hello Everyone :)

My second post of the day...making up for a whole week of not blogging! This weekend was my work night out, I work part time for a bank whilst at uni and they had arranged a night called 'through the ages', meaning there was a 70's, 80's and 90's room, I feel terrible as someone had obviously put a lot of effort into the night but it was TERRIBLE ha ha so we swiftly left and went to Karbon in the city centre, here's a photo of my make up for the night...


Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Instant Tan
M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid
Illamasqua Nymph Blush
Benefit One Hot Minute Powder


Urban Decay PP
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut
M.A.C All That Glitters all over the lid
M.A.C Carbon in the Outer V
Benefit Bad Gal Pencil

Here's a photo of what I wore, it has a lot of detail at the front as it criss-crosses over but sadly I didn't really get a good photo of it...

I must say that this photo was at the end of the night, i'd been out since 8 and it was then 3 so i'm a bit worse for wear ha ha, anyway my dress is from warehouse and my bag from next, I also have my clip inz in...

The next night it was my Secret Santa night out with my best friends, we went to a restaurant called Brodies which serves scottish food and then went for a wee night in Bamboo, here's a rubbish photo of the seven of us taken on my phone as I forgot my camera...

I'm stuck up in the left hand corner if you can't spot me ha ha, I honestly am so so lucky to have these gorgeous girls as my besties!

Link me to your Christmas Festivities!

Lots of Love
Nic xoxo

NY Haul

Hello Everyone :)

How wonderful is the snow? Though I do wish it would lie more here than just turn into nasty slush! This is the first half of my NY haul and it's all the good stuff - make up :).

Nars Laguna bronzer (I have really come to love this and it's only been a week), Orgasm blusher and lip gloss.

O.P.I nail polish in Call Your Mother, Metro Chic, Casting Call and a top coat and an Illamasua polish in DWS (it's really lovely!)

Fake Bake Beyonf Bronze Instant tan (Bought this from boots in the airport and i'm wearing it in all my NY photos, it's lovely), Sephora eyeliner and smudge brush and round powder 41 brush

Illamasqua blusher in nymph, eyeshadow in Vanian (gorgeous highlight colour), benefit creaseless cream shadow in strut and the anastasia Go Brow pencil and highlighter.

I only bought one M.A.C item!! The nauty noir eye bag, I needed a new fluidline and really liked the shimmertime pigment it came with!

Stila kitten shadow, Fresh supernova mascara (which I do really like as i've read both good and nad reviews) and finally revlon's cherries in the snow!

That's most of the make up I got, i'll include the rest in my next haul when I get it all from my families suitcases (Icouldn't fit everything in mine ha ha). I'll gradually do reviews on a lot of the things I bought, you can all tell me what you want me to do first!!

Lots of love
Nic xoxo

Sunday, 20 December 2009

New York!

Hello :)

I'm hooooooome!! I had such an amazing time! I have so many reviews and swatches to get through but to start off here's some lovely photos :D

Lots of Christmassy love

Nicola xx

Friday, 11 December 2009


Hello Everyone :)

Hope everyone's good and enjoying this christmassy weather!! This is just a really quick post to say that i'm going to be on holiday all next week as I'm going to New York as an early Christmas Present!!

Can't wait to catch up with everything when I get back and share with you everything i've got :D xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Winter Shopping

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you are all well!! I've mentioned before that i'm going to New York and I leave on Saturday! I can't believe how quickly its came! I am always getting shouted at for never being appropriately dressed, so decided I should go and try and find a cosy winter coat to take with me. I always struggle trying to find a flattering coat because of my big boobs (I honestly DO NOT understand why anyone would want to have a big chest, it makes clothes shopping a nightmare). After a whole afternoon of searching I cam across this beauty...

I really do apologise for the rubbish photo I had to use my phone :/ Anyway I LOVE the collar of this jacket, it so cosy and warm! Also it's such a flattering shape as it fishtails out at the back...Lovely!! Oh also I should add that I got this for 50% off in h&m, most of their jackets have 50% off which is amazing! I also popped into New Look (surprise surprise) and came out with these three dresses...

I really love the first dress with the sequined shoulder pads!

Lots of Love
Nic xx

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

November Favourites

Hello :)

I'm taking a break from all this studying malarky to indulge in some blogging and what a better time than to do my first monthly favourites! I love reading these type of posts and I find they are my biggest temptation, I always want to go and buy everything!! So here we go...

Bourjois Bronzing Powder: I have used this bronzer for such a long time, it's a lovely lovely colour (not orange or muddy) and also it smells like chocolate which is an added bonus!
Revlon Contour Shadow Brush: I've been reaching for this brush pretty much everyday for the last couple of weeks. It's a brilliant blending brush as it's really fluffy and soft though it isn't too big for my eye.
Gosh Nail Lacquer in 60 Lambada: I love a good red nail polish and this colour is simply lovely :)
Schwarzhopf Dust It: This is probably my most used hair product, it's a mattifying powder that gives your hair increadible volume, i'm not going to talk about it too much as I want to do a seperate post reviewing it, including an explanation of why everyone should have 'dust it breaks' on a night out :)
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil: I use 001 Dark Brown to give you an idea of the colour. I really like this product as it's a hard pencil so wont smudge when applied to your brow. Also, it's quite cheap!
Mister Mascara False Lashes: I think this is such a brilliant idea, you get two sets of lashes, one for during the day and one for night, both pairs are really pretty and not too false looking, also you get a fab case to keep them in.
The Body Shop Kabuki Brush: I've talked about this before but it's an amazing brush for the price, its such a soft brush and really buffs in powder beautifully! Overall i'm really impressed with the quality of the body shop brushes!
Benefit California Kissin': I first tried this lip gloss in miniature version in one of the benefit kits and really liked it. It's supposed to make your teeth whiter (to be honest i'm not too sure) but it's lovely and minty and fresh and is just a nice everyday gloss.

Hope everyone is well and remembering to open their advent calanders!

Lots of love
Nicola xx

Friday, 27 November 2009

Flowers in Her Hair

Hello :)

This evening Nick's taking me out for dinner and to see New Moon for the second time (i'm Team Jacob and have been so well before the films came out which causes so many arguments between my friends and I ha ha) so I decided to wear my new MASSIVE corsage I bought from H&M the other day...

Now I know some people will probably think this looks ridiculous but I love love love it!! I think it looks really cute and girly as well as I'm trying to grow my fringe out at the minute so anything that keeps it out of my eyes is welcome :). Also this photo shows my fail safe eye combination of MAC's All That Glitters and Carbon, I know its not very imaginative but it's so easy!!

I'm also wearing a new dress I bought in New Look (I'm turning into such a New Look Ho!) though the photo doesn't really do it justice...

It's a gorgeous dress with gold thread detailing running through it and was only £16!! Anyway, I'm off for some chicken tama rice, duck gyoza and some Jacob Black ;)

Lots of Love
Nicola xx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lily Allen

Hello :)

Last night I went to see Lily Allen, she was A-MAAAAZING!! I really love her music, style everything!! I just wanted to show everyone a quick photo of what I was wearing...

I got the most gorgeous sequined jacket from New look for £30!! Whatta bargain, my dress is also from New Look. I had such a camera fail so all the photos of my make up were deleted. I was so annoyed as I wanted to show the Cheryl Cole false lashes which I LOVE!

Also, how amazing is Kirsty's Farrah Fawcett hair ha ha

Lots of Love
Nicola xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best of the Drugstore

Hello :)

Taking a break from essay writing to share my drugstore favorites. I have only included five but could have went on and on so I may do another one soon :)


I LOVE bastiste. This is the diva version but my favorite is probably the tropical one. I love bastiste for 'in between' days, when i'm at the gym and also to add volume to my hair on a night out. I really want to try the new shampoo for dark hair avoiding 'granny hair', has anyone else tried it?

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze

I adore this fake tan. When I have the money, I do like St Tropez and Xen tan though being honest, I actually like the colour of sublime and you can find it for under £10. However, the only downside to the tan is it does carry quite a strong biscuity smell.

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Playing and experimenting with dazzle dusts and pigments is one of my favorite cures for boredom. Dazzle Dusts have been a favourite of mine ever since I got an 'Eat My Dazzle Dust' sticker free with a copy of Bliss years and years ago ha ha. These three colours are three of my to bottom 27 Gold Iridescent, 53 Chocolate and 52 Silver Brown.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I switch mascaras so often and barely stick to the same one twice with the exception of Benefit's Bad Gal Lash. Saying that, this is my second tube in a row of must be love! On my first wearing false effect someone asked if I was wearing false lashes...Speaks for itself really!

Gosh Brushes

I have bought all of the gosh brushes and I really do think they are amazing quality. Sorry, I couldn't take a picture of all my brushes, they're dryin after a good ol' wash. I really love the angled liner brush and the two pictured above and would definitely recommend them. The only one I would not recommened is the duo fibre brush as it sheds like mad!

I'd love to hear your drugstore favourites!!

Lots of Love
Nicola xx

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bag Love

Hello :)

For the last month I have been trying to track down the most bee-utifull bag from River Island which I spotted when doing some window shopping a while ago. I recently got my quarterly bonus so decided to treat myself and alas I couldn't find it anywhere...untill today!!!!! It was the last one in the shop and properly cheered me up on this horribly rainy day...

Note the Jonathan Creek Boxset and Wii remote, the ways to kill time when there's coursework to do!

I think it is my version of bag was £44.99 from River Island if anyone wants to snap it up. With the amount of love I feel for it, it pays for itself :).

I'd love to see or hear about everyone elses bag heavens :)

Lots of Love
Nicola xx

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hello :)

I posted last month that I had bought the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II. Since I bought it I have pretty much used it every day in one form or another, I have to say, it's love. Here's a quick picture of the look I created (v.quickly) today...

All over the lid I used Ecstasy which is a gorgeous purple colour. It's quite light so it's best used wet or layered. I then used AC/DC on the outer corner of my eye. To blend out any harsh edges and as a highlight I used Benefits Two Minute Powder as well as in my inner corner and finished it all off with Benefit's bad gal pencil and Max Factor's False Lash effect mascara.

I really do love the way purple looks against brown/hazel eyes!

In a previous post I raved about Lush's American Cream Conditioner, here is an example why...

I have used no other products (except aussie shampoo) and haven't even straightened my hair...i have natural curls. The conditioner makes my hair so soft and shiny and STRAIGHT!!! It's an early Christmas Miracle ha ha

Lots of Love
Nicola xx