Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day

Hello :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I had such a lovely and fun day and thought I would share some silly photos as I've really enjoyed looking at everyone elses! On Christmas Day I woke up in my little flat with Nick and we gave each other our presents...

We then went round to Nick's mums for a yummy Christmas breakfast...This is a photo of Nick and his brother Jonny modeling the hockey tops I brought them back from NY...

Nick and I then went our separate ways - he went to his dads for Christmas lunch and I went to my mum and dads...

How beautiful is my snowy garden and front door? It was perfect Christmassy weather! However, when Nick came to pick me up his car got stuck in all the snow, he had to get pushed up the drive ha ha! I really do hope everyone had a lovely day!

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. Glad you had a nice day! :)


  2. You look gorgeous in all the picturess
    Hope you had a brill christmas

    So jealous of your snowy christmas, we havn't got any snow down here :(

  3. Merry Christmas ladies :D

    Aww Abbie thanks!! Though the first one is questionable I was just out my bed ha ha!!! I thought the whole country was snowy, thats rubbish!!! xxx

  4. I live by the coast in S.Wales so we hardly ever have snow :(



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