Tuesday, 22 December 2009

NY Haul

Hello Everyone :)

How wonderful is the snow? Though I do wish it would lie more here than just turn into nasty slush! This is the first half of my NY haul and it's all the good stuff - make up :).

Nars Laguna bronzer (I have really come to love this and it's only been a week), Orgasm blusher and lip gloss.

O.P.I nail polish in Call Your Mother, Metro Chic, Casting Call and a top coat and an Illamasua polish in DWS (it's really lovely!)

Fake Bake Beyonf Bronze Instant tan (Bought this from boots in the airport and i'm wearing it in all my NY photos, it's lovely), Sephora eyeliner and smudge brush and round powder 41 brush

Illamasqua blusher in nymph, eyeshadow in Vanian (gorgeous highlight colour), benefit creaseless cream shadow in strut and the anastasia Go Brow pencil and highlighter.

I only bought one M.A.C item!! The nauty noir eye bag, I needed a new fluidline and really liked the shimmertime pigment it came with!

Stila kitten shadow, Fresh supernova mascara (which I do really like as i've read both good and nad reviews) and finally revlon's cherries in the snow!

That's most of the make up I got, i'll include the rest in my next haul when I get it all from my families suitcases (Icouldn't fit everything in mine ha ha). I'll gradually do reviews on a lot of the things I bought, you can all tell me what you want me to do first!!

Lots of love
Nic xoxo


  1. Great haul, love everything you got especially the opi nail polishes I love NYC hope you had a great time xoxo

  2. Ohhh lovely, so jealous !
    What do you think about the Ilamasqua stuff ?


  3. @Juicygirl - i'd never really tried OPI before but i'm loving them, def want to get more!

    @Abbie - I'd never tried Ilamasqua before but i'm really impressed!! The blusher is a gorgeous barbie pink, i'll put some photos from my christmas nights out so you can see it on, the shadows beautiful, such a gorgeous highlighter and the polish is really unusual :)


  4. Oh, you must have had a fabulous time in NY, seeing your NY photos and your makeup haul. Wow, and that's only the first half?! Can't wait to see the other half! :D

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Happy Christmas!! It honestly was such an amazing week! The other half is mainly jewallary and clothes and tiny bit of make up ha ha xx

  6. Really great haul!! I love Nars Orgasm and the Illamasqua powder blush, I use in Lover, which is also a very flattering color. The Sephora OPI in Metro Chic is also a must, I don't own this one, I own the OPI in You Don't Know Jacques!, which I think is quite similar and gorgeous! Have a happy new year!
    xoxo from Brazil.


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