Sunday, 16 March 2014

Orange lips three ways

Orange lips are one of my favourite make up trends as the winter seasons begin to change, however it's not always the easiest look to carry off (take this post as an excellent example).  I've found starting off with a peachy-orange and working my way up through the shades has been the easiest way of finding what works.   Through trial and error, I always pair orange lipsticks with minimal eye make up and bronzer.

The peach orange

Topshop's 'Peach Sundae' is the perfect hybrid between coral and nude, making it an amazing introduction to the world of orange lips.  For a nude shade, 'Peach Sundae' is extremely pigmented and has a satin finish.  Despite its satin finish, 'Peach Sundae' does have the tendency to highlight any imperfections on the lips, nothing a little lip balm can't fix.  'Peach Sundae' is the perfect everyday spring lipstick!

The red orange 

Lancome's l'absolu rouge in 189 'Rouge Etincelle' is an absolutely beautiful, orange toned red from the 2013 Happy Holidays Collection (Still available to buy from Boots online).  First of all snaps to Lancome for the stunning Swarovski encrusted packaging! 'Rouge Enticelle' is a shade pulled from the Lancome vaults and was first produced in 1955.  It's an extremely flattering, orange toned red that glides seamlessly on to the lips.  It leaves a lovely glossy sheen and feels comfortable to wear.

The orange orange

While I have a couple of true oranges I could of mentioned, I wanted to pick a shade that I haven't seen too much written about; Maybelline's Colorsensational Vivid in 912 'Electric Orange'.  'Electric Orange' is a bright, warm toned orange that is deceivingly flattering.  It leaves a pretty sheen to the lips and feels very light yet creamy to wear.  If you're new to orange lipsticks, 'Electric Orange' would be a perfect first choice.  It's affordable, easy to wear and long lasting.

Which is your favourite of the three shades?

Love Nic