Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Winter Shopping

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you are all well!! I've mentioned before that i'm going to New York and I leave on Saturday! I can't believe how quickly its came! I am always getting shouted at for never being appropriately dressed, so decided I should go and try and find a cosy winter coat to take with me. I always struggle trying to find a flattering coat because of my big boobs (I honestly DO NOT understand why anyone would want to have a big chest, it makes clothes shopping a nightmare). After a whole afternoon of searching I cam across this beauty...

I really do apologise for the rubbish photo I had to use my phone :/ Anyway I LOVE the collar of this jacket, it so cosy and warm! Also it's such a flattering shape as it fishtails out at the back...Lovely!! Oh also I should add that I got this for 50% off in h&m, most of their jackets have 50% off which is amazing! I also popped into New Look (surprise surprise) and came out with these three dresses...

I really love the first dress with the sequined shoulder pads!

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. Definitely loving the haul, especially the dress. It's so funny, a lot of my friends have that same problem-they're constantly complaining about clothes.

    I need to start looking for a coat too!

  2. I know whats its like.. I have big boobs, and my friends are always like 'i'd love to have bigger boobs like yours'.. i'm like No you don't

    So annoying.. Spesh in the summer because they do the cute tops with a line which is surpost to go under the bust, but it just goes half way arcoss my boobs !! aahaha
    Really cute jacket.. and tops :)

    Hope you enjoy New York.. Lucky thing !!!

  3. @ Vi The dress was such a bargain, think it was only about £16 fab eh? And def have a little look in H&M they had so many coats at half price!

    @Abbie, You know it's a bad day when you consider like I did today, you need to go to Bravissimo to get a coat that actually buttons up! Ha ha I get that ALL the time you magically get a 4 boob situation going on because of the stupid hem :/


  4. Lmao! very stylish ;) bet there expensive in there though
    Im surprised i found a toggle coat this year that did up at the bust..
    I don't even want to talk about it now, its so depressing when you find something lush and then the boobs get in the way :|



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