Friday, 27 November 2009

Flowers in Her Hair

Hello :)

This evening Nick's taking me out for dinner and to see New Moon for the second time (i'm Team Jacob and have been so well before the films came out which causes so many arguments between my friends and I ha ha) so I decided to wear my new MASSIVE corsage I bought from H&M the other day...

Now I know some people will probably think this looks ridiculous but I love love love it!! I think it looks really cute and girly as well as I'm trying to grow my fringe out at the minute so anything that keeps it out of my eyes is welcome :). Also this photo shows my fail safe eye combination of MAC's All That Glitters and Carbon, I know its not very imaginative but it's so easy!!

I'm also wearing a new dress I bought in New Look (I'm turning into such a New Look Ho!) though the photo doesn't really do it justice...

It's a gorgeous dress with gold thread detailing running through it and was only £16!! Anyway, I'm off for some chicken tama rice, duck gyoza and some Jacob Black ;)

Lots of Love
Nicola xx


  1. love that flower!

  2. aww that flower looks so cute on ya =) and that dress looks good on you hun.
    I wna see new moon 2!!!

  3. Cuteeee !
    I love jacob aswell.. hes got one hell of a bod muahahah ;)

  4. the flower looks great on you! XO

  5. Great blog, doll!

    I love that flower, I'm all about big, gaudy hair accessories!

    Shh...but I'm Team Jacob too. Only because of the books (I hated the first movie!).

  6. hey i just gave you an award on my blog xx

  7. Oh, the flower looks so cute on you!! You look absolutely adorable in the photos! I've got a smile back on my face after looking at how cheerful you are. I mean it! :)

  8. Awww that is so lovely!! And now you've made me smile a bit like this ------> :D xoxo


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