Sunday, 21 February 2010

Philosophy's Eye Hope: The Results!

Hello Everyone :)

In January I began a review of Philosophy's Eye Hope (you can read it here) and I promised I would share the results with you all! Here was my undereye shadows before...

Welcome to my lovely dark circles! I know they could be a lot worse but as I said in my first post, I really want to try and prevent any damage around my eye area...and here is the after...

Taaaa-daaaa. Before seeing the before and after pictures I hadn't realised what a difference this had made!! I've been using Eye Hope since around Christmas time so it isn't a quick fix. You do need to be quite routine with the application, I have applied it religiously twice a day and i'm so pleased with the results!

As I pointed out, the price is definitely the downside to Eye Hope, I think I bought it for about $45-6 when I was on holiday so that's about £28? Also I have read some reviews where it irritated and inflamed some peoples eyes so probably best if you decide to try this product to get a sample size (I got given a sample at sephora first of all then went back and purchased it as I was so impressed with the % of people who recommended it).

Hope this was useful!
Lots of Love

P.S. Seeing these pictures made me realise how wierd looking eyes are!!!


  1. omg! your eyes look so fresh and bright, amazing stuff. i love philosophy, really want to get more of it xx

  2. It really brightened up your eyes! wows

  3. There is a big difference! I really like philosophy products, especially the packaging :/ but philosophy has always worked for me.

    Fee x

  4. That's quiet a noticeable difference! I want something that will not only get rid of my dark circles but also firm the skin round my eyes a bit more.. I SWEAR when I properly smile, I can almost FEEL wrinkles forming :'(


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