Sunday, 10 January 2010

Philosophy's Eye Hope

Hello Everyone :)

Philosophy as a brand is one that I didn't know much about untill my holiday to New York at Christmas. There are huge stands of Philosophy products in Sephora which is where I picked up probably too many things (my favorites being cherry on top bath and shower gel, be somebody body lotion and grace hot salt tub and shower scrub). My favorite product of all however is this little baby (this is the free tester I got on my first trip to Sephora, I really liked it so went and bought a full size however this is safely tucked away in my 'beauty basket' and I couldn't be bothered digging it out as i'm a bad blogger)

What It Does

  1. Removes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Diminshes dark circles - Contains light diffusing particles
  3. Reduces puffiness - Contains anti inflammeteries such as green tea and coffee bean extract
  4. Protection from further skin damage - Antioxidants such as Vit C and E which promote skin health

I've tried to show in this photo how the cream looks - you can see the 'light diffusing particles' ha ha.

I've been using Eye Hope for 4 weeks now and I have to say I have noticed a difference in my eye area. Although I may not have fine lines and wrinkles as i'm only 21, I definitely suffer from dark circles and although they have not completely disappeared they have definitely been difused. In fact, Philosophy say 95% of testers were shown to have reduced dark circles and 98% saw a smoother eye area! I also believe prevention is the way forward, so hopefully if I look after my skin now it will look after me years later!

I have taken a before photograph when I first started using the cream and in two weeks time i'll take a comparison photo (Philosophy advise a time period of at least 6 weeks before you see a definite result). I'm really interested in trying more Philosophy products, does anyone have any other recommendations?

Lots of Love

P.S Look what facebook done for me today...made a 2009 collage ha ha!!

P.P.S the follow up post to this is now available for your viewing pleasure here!


  1. I love Philosophy products - I'm addicted to the Cinnamon Buns bodywash :) This looks like a great eyecream - lucky you getting it in the US as it's probably cheaper there! x

  2. Yeah, I loved all of their spicy and cinnamon scents!! The only draw back is definitely the price :( xx

  3. im only 22 but i must say an anti-aging eye cream makes me look 10x better, I use the estee lauder time zone, its amazing! I love philospohy, have u smelt amazing grace? xxx

  4. I really like estee lauder skincare!! Though i've never tried their eye cream, shall have to put it on my list!! Oh and I have smelled it, it's lovely! xx

  5. Great review hun :) I love reading your blog and have tagged you in my blog ( x x

  6. awesome blog! i also have pretty bad dark cycles i think i might give that cream a try(i've used Roc, pretty good product as well).


  7. @BeautyBeau thank you!! I really like your blog too :)

    @StuddedLilly I've never tried any Roc products so i'll have to have a look too


  8. Thank you for this review! I am pushing 30 and need to find a good eye cream, ASAP! :) It's great that you're staying ahead of the game and taking care of your skin now.


  9. Oh the one thing I should mention is I was reading a few reviews and some people have reported some irritation so maybe ask for a tester first if you have sensitive skin! xoxo

  10. Wow, this eye cream certainly sounds like a dream. Do keep us posted!

    I like that photo collage there. It says 'fun' and 'heartwarming memories'. :)


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