Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Hair History

Hello Everyone :)

I've mentioned that my hair has chopped and changed in the last few years so I thought i'd put together a hair history. Sadly, it's going to begin when im 16, I couldn't find any older photos on my computer and don't have a scanner but here we go....

This was my 16th birthday and those are DIY highlights (as if you couldn't tell ha ha). Also look at those questionable brows and that bronzer use...

Fast Forward a year and we have yet more DIY hair colour (why did I not dye my fringe?) and a bob with one side shorter than the other (I can't think of the proper name of this now)

A couple of months later and it's my high school prom...I had let the colour grow out so I have much lighter ends than roots oh dear...

This was the night before I moved away for uni (I dropped out a year later). Cut short and another home dye job...this time black! I really hate how flat my hair is I want to reach into the photo and ruffle it up ha!

This is not my finest moment....I do not know what posessed me to get two skunk like yellow streaks in my fringe...this hair do has followed me around as its on my drivers licence too :(

I posted a photo of my hair like this not too long ago in a tag post...I hated it! I went in asking for chestnut brown and came out with this?? Though I loved the cut, it was the first time I'd had really short layers around the crown of my head...I had finally discovered volume!

I had just dropped out of uni not too long before this was taken and got a short, graduated bob to celebrate...New Hair, New Start ha ha, I still love this cut!

This was on my twentieth birthday...I was in the middle of my first year of uni (and I haven't dropped out this time taa daaa) and this is my natural hair...colour and curls! I wore my hair like this the whole of first year, I would shower at night and scrunch with mousse and wake up with curls. Before this I had never realised I had curly hair!

And then I discovered red...I love love love this colour. In the first picture I love the cut, really short choppy layers. The bottom photo is me topping up the red colour DIY style, I think i've finally mastered home dye kits after all those previous disasters...which brings me on to my hair as it is now...

This was so much fun!! It was funny and bit sad (in a good way) looking through old photos but brought so many memories back. I think I have definitely learned to leave the colour to the professionals and that I love my long locks....Though knowing me I'll get bored soon and chop it all off :D

Lots of Love


  1. awesome, im thinking of dying my hair a dark plummy/red but everyone rekons i should go back blonde...! decisions decisions!

  2. Haha, these kinds of posts are so fun! I'd do one... but it would be way too emabressing. I used to have some crazy hair back in the day, hahahha. It used to be bright red with blonde bangs(fringe)! Your hair as it is now is my favorite, but I also think that you look pretty with red hair!

    xo Caitlin

  3. @ Noobarella - Oooo I love plums and reds do it do it do it!!

    @Caitlin - Ha ha doing it made me realise I had some very bad hair days. What is it about blonde fringes?


  4. Your comments about the curls made me giggle cos up till last night I never realised how curly my hair is naturally as I just blow dry it straight after every wash! I was like...'THIS is what my hair looks like?!!'
    But I love your hair in the last pic though :)

  5. Great post - it's amazing how much your hair styles have changed over the years! Your current hair is gorgeous (and I love the red and the bob too!) x

  6. Ooooh love your hair when you chopped it really short ! and love the curls <3
    I have a boring hair history, i've been trying to grow my hair for about 4 years lmao

  7. @Perfectionishuman - Ha ha I know I only realised I had curly hair when it got wet in the rain haha!

    @ LilyLipstick - Ohhh thank you so much!

    @Abbie - I know i'd love to have it short again but you can do nothing to it and I get so bored lol! Ha ha start eating a cube of undilluted jelly each day..thats how I got my hair to grow :D xoxo

  8. I tagged you for an award


  9. Awww thank you!! Red will always pull me's just so hard to maintain! xoxo

  10. You look younger now than you did then!

    That is meant in a positive way BTW :P

  11. Ha ha I think too much bronzer (ie muddy skin) instantly makes you look ooooold :D xxx


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