Thursday, 14 January 2010

Most Worn Tag

Hello Everyone :)

I hope everyone's good and coping with exams if you have them! As I said earlier i've been terrible keeping up with tags and things so...I was tagged about a month ago to do the 8 most worn tag by Cassie so here we go :)

1. Most Worn Lip Product

Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss. This is lovely and neutral and at the moment I probably do wear it everyday. I also get lots of compliments everytime I wear it so I definitely recommend it!

2. Most Worn Earrings

I'm officially rubbish at choosing ha ha! I love big dangly earrings as you can see and barely ever wear studs. From L-R these are from Forever 21, Primark and H&M and I love them all equally :D

3. Most Worn Shirt

This is my opportunity for some shameless self promotion. Apart from make up and blogging, I also love to make clothes and this top/dress is one of my creations. I have made loads of these, my favourite is probably my Barbie one. I used to have an ebay shop but had to stop as I didn't have the time which makes me a bit sad. I love these types of tops as you can wear it with a denim skirt or as a mini dress with thick tights!

4. Most Worn Nail Polish

O.P.I's Call Your Mother, it's a lovely dusky pink. I've been wearing this so much lately!

5. Most Worn Shoes

I've been wearing these allll the time lately. They're from River Island and I LOVE them!

6. Most Worn Hair Product

Ha I picked 4...I use all four of these in my hair everyday though, I couldn't just single them out. L-R Tigi Bed Head, Chi Silk Infusion, Toni&Guy Heat Defence Spray, Schwarzkopffs Dust It

7. Most Worn Perfume

Chanel Mademoiselle. Simply my favourite

8. Most Worn Bag

Again I couldn't narrow it down. For uni I chuck everything into my good old Pauls Boutique Bag, I love it, it's like Mary Poppins bag it holds a neverending amount of stuff! I also use this little topshop bag all the time eg going out for dinner, popping round to a friends house, it's just the right size and is so cute!

I tag everyone to do this, it was fun!

Lots of Love

P.S I should probs mention that my PB bag isn't dirty, I washed it and put it on the radiator to dry like a right div and the white bit got all scorched :(


  1. Gorgeous earrings and I love the colour of that NARS lipgloss x

  2. Love the colour on that lipgloss!
    Also, love the top.. You'll have to show us your other creations!!


  3. i LOVE you PB bag! ive got the big turquoise one =D. my ears are stretched i cant wear normal earrings anymore, i used to have quite a collection of pat butcher specials =D.
    that NARS gloss is awesome, ima have to buy!

    dude - the Lush american cream cond seriously dried my hair out the 2nd time =( x

  4. @ *R* Thank you!! The Nars gloss is just so lovely and wearable :)

    @Abbie I make skirts as well, I might do a post on them and how to make them because its easy peasy but i'm not sure if it would be that interesting to everyone lol

    @Noobarella I love PB stuff! I want a colourfull PB bag as both my big ones are black! Ooo and def get the NARS!! Awww man did it?? That's so rubbish!!! :( It's so wierd how something can work amazing for someone and then crappy for someone else eh??


  5. mmm me too! i love the leopard print one but my bf said if i got it he wouldnt be seen out with me because its 'chavvy'!!!!!!! muahahah.
    when i get paid im going on a big MAC & NARS shopping spree....!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i kno =( i keep trying to love Lush but the products keep being crap. the ocean salt scrub nearly took the skin off my face, have u ever tried it? its HARSH xxx

  6. i agree with Abbie, love to see what you've made! all amazing products x

  7. Ha ha I also have my eye on the zebra one but even I know thats a bit questionable but I really can't help but love it!!! I always love NARS products when I get them but I always really grudge paying the money, it's so bloody expensive!!

    Nope i've not tries the ocean salt scrub, I'd hate using a harsh exfoliater on my face, is it big bits of salt thats in it? xoxo

  8. i just got some body shop eyeshadows and im soo impressed, they are really good! ive never bought a NARS product before, the prices do put me off a lil... what foundation do you use?

    yeah its got lime and vodka in it and HUGE chunks of salt. its really harsh, and the lime and vodka sting =(

    my skin has gone breakout crazy, i think it was that horrid maybelline foundation that done it =( x

  9. Yeah I've always really liked anything i've got from the body shop, I like their shimmer cubes! At least you know you're going to get something really good quality with NARS. I use MAC studio fix fluid or Revlon Colour Stay, being honest I want to change it, i'm getting a little bored as i've used them both for a ages now, maybe Estee Lauder Double Wear or Cliniques dramatically different, are you looking for a new one? xoxo

  10. yeh the quality is really good, i would even say the brushes are on par with MAC!
    ive tried like everything (foundation wise) and I cant find one that i LOVE. Ive got double wear and i heart estee lauder but i think colorstay is better tbh =0/.
    really want to try studio fix powder, but on MUA alot of ladies say it leads to breakouts =(.

    omg look at this lil beaut i just found


  11. I'm looking forward to trying revlon photo ready when it's out but I totally know what you mean I always feel so unsatisfied with my foundation (ha blame my foundation and not my crappy skin). Oooo that looks fab, i've seen people with the duos before on yt and stuff...I feel you should buy it so we can see what hustler looks like ha ha ;) xx

  12. I've been wanting that lipgloss forever! I have another NARS one, scandal, but I find it a bit sticky. The nail varnish is a perfect color, and I don't even like pinks at all!

  13. Yeah I never think NARS glosses are very glossy, maybe more of a...glaze I can't find the right word!! I know i'm not a fan of pink nail varnish either but I love this because it's quite muted :) xx

  14. Me loooooooove your shoes. :) How creative that you can make your own clothes, wish I was creative! x

  15. That top/dress you made is lovely! Very creative :) Love your blog hun! x

  16. @ Lu they are definitely my favourites of the moment!! Those kind of dresses are really easy peasy to make!!

    @ Meg Thank you!!! I really like your blog too!!! :D


  17. I love that earring on the right. The colours are so pretty!

    It's a pity you haven't got time to get to making those tops. I think they look really cool. Maybe when you've graduated? :)

  18. I LOVE your primark earrings! :D


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