Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dust It Review

Hello Everyone :)

Gaaaaah another hair post! I'm sorry - I hope you're all not bored of them! I promised this review ages and ages ago in one of my monthly favorites - i'm so sorry this is me just getting round to posting it! I mentioned in my hair history that although naturally I have curly hair, it's quite flat :(. For the best part of a year my backcombing brush and I were in a very serious relationship until my friend introduced me to Schwarzkopf's Dust It and very fickly I cast it to the side...

Basically Dust It is a light, white mattifying powder that when added to your hair turns into an almost paste-like substance that adds miraculous amounts of volume to hair. It doesn't leave hair fact the complete opposite, it mattifies hair meaning you can sculpt it into a particular style easily. I think it's easier if I show a before and after picture...

My hair has been blow dried straight and had a quick once over with GHDS...

All i've done is massaged some Dust It into the roots and crown of my head, I told you it was miraculous!

Oh Dust It, how I love you!! There's been no extra backcombing or products added! What's brilliant about the product is that it's re-mouldable (I don't think thats a word...) so it's really easy to either change your hairstyle or freshen it up...and here I introduce 'Dust-It-Breaks!' On a night out, every so often my friends and I take a dust it break where we re-mould our hair into its original position after some crazy disco dancing :D.

The only one thing I would say that if you decide to try Dust It, try and not use it too often as it can dry your hair out...

You can get Dust It in Sally's for around £11 (though a bottle should last ages) though shop around as I managed to find it for £7 on amazon :D.

Let me know what you think of the results and whether you try it!

Lots of big huuuur Love

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great little product! Loving the pics! x x

  2. Ooh that sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to have to try that little beauty out!

    You look gorgeous!


  3. Wow, it does make a difference to your hair!
    I might have to get some of this, cos how ever much i backcomb and hair spray my hair it won't last half an hour!

    i'm gonna do look on amazon now ;)


  4. you look like your wearing bumpits! ive the same problem, my hairs thick and curly but when i straighten it goes flat =0/

    you look uber cute in the first pic, love the ring x

  5. Oo I want some of this!! Your hair looks fab :) Have you tried the Freeze Hold Spray? It's amazing!!

  6. I have THE flattest, thinnest hair in the world! I really want to try this, I'll have to check my Sally's to see if they have any!

    Thanks for sharing gurll!

    xo Caitlin

  7. @BeautyBeau Ha ha I look like a goon!

    @Jennie Thank you!! You should def try it!

    @Abbie Let me know if you find it/try's worked on everyones hair I know :D

    @Noobarella Ha ha I can't use my bumpits, it gives me an egg head :( Oh and thank you!

    @Kim No i haven't! I'll def look out for it though

    @Caitlin Let me know if you try it! If you can't find it clynol do something similar called powder punch


  8. Aw this blog is magical! thanks for following me. We clearly share all things fairy like and pretty :)
    Are you on twitter huni?
    xxx mwah

  9. I've been looking for something like this for aaaages, and I like the fact that it's a powder/paste? Usually my hair ends up like this after a quick round with a canister of Batiste! x

  10. Yeah I think die hard bastite fans will love dust it! It turns into a really wierd feeling 'thing' because a paste isn't really the right word for me to use either, it's so hard to describe slightly candyfloss but not in a bad way lol? xoxo

  11. My hair needs every help with volume it can! Its quite fine so backcombing just falls straight out! This looks like it could help! Lots!

  12. Love your hair! This product sounds great, I'll have to try it out :)

    Tagged you in my blog btw xx

  13. lmao i get egghead syndrome too, maybe in a few years there will be a surgery procedure to correct it haha! x

  14. I have tagged you on my page hun xx

  15. Sounds like something I really need at the moment!!I have ridiculously flat hair!


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