Friday, 1 January 2010

My 2009 Favorites!

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year! How did you all spend last night? Nick and I had a lovely evening in front of the telly with a bottle of champagne, it was fun! Also have you all made resolutions? So many good things happened in 2009 so for 2010 I want it to be like 2009....but better :D.

This post is to share my 2009 superstars, these products are the ones that have saw me through the year...

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish System - Oh how I love what you have done to my skin. I still remember how clean and lovely my skin felt the first time I ever tried these products. My skin is never going to be perfect but I definitely break out a lot less and my skin feels lovely and moisturised. I would also recommend Liz Earle's customer service, anything you order comes wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and they send a lovely letter with your purchase!

2009 has been the year of eyeshadow pallets for me and these are two of my favorites - Sleek's storm pallet and Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol 2. I've reviwed the book of shadows in an earlier post so you know it's love. I've loved all of the Sleek pallets but Storm has definitely been my most used, the colours are so lovely and wearable!

This has been my fail safe, everyday eye make up for the year. All that glitters (though lately i've been using Stila's kitten) all over the lid with Benefit's bad gal pencil smudged into the upper and lower lash lines with my Gosh pencil brush and lashings of mascara. I don't know what it is but I LOVE this combination and is perfect for everyday wear to uni and work!

M.A.C's well dressed blush has been another staple of my daily make up routine again because it is so wearable for everyday. I use benefit's moon beam mixed with my studio fix fluid everyday to add a more dewey finish as I do find that although studio fix gives fab coverage it can often look a little heavy and matte. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is another product which I use all the time because it has so many uses! Lip balm, cuticle gel, moisturiser (mainly on my elbows, knees and heels) and highlighter - I definitely recommend it if you haven't already got it!

I've raved about this before so I wont start again apart from saying it's true love between myself and American Cream. Also, look what I got for Christmas...American Cream solid perfume. Sadly this was my favourite's the small things!

It was really difficult for me to pick a favorite perfume but I think it has to be Miss Dior Cherie YUM YUM YUM!! I still swear this smells like soap and glory products but a bit nicer! I don't have much left so will have to see how many Advantage card points I have (does anyone else do that? I only ever buy perfume with my Boots points...)

I really enjoyed doing this post and reading everyone elses! I wish everyone the best of luck in 2010. I also want to say thank you to everyone for being so lovely and making me feel really welcome on blogger and i'm really excited to keep getting to know everyone :D

Lots of Love


  1. Some great favourites! I bought the UD Book of Shadows with my boots points, but I was saving them for perfume but couldn't resist!
    I went to pick up American Cream but got the wrong one! =( Least it means another trip to Lush! Happy 2010 =) x

  2. My mum was a points saver for perfume, I think it's rubbed off on me! Though the book of shadows is an equally amazing purchase!!
    Ha ha def make another trip to lush to get american cream, it's a-mazing!

    Happy New Year!! xx

  3. American Cream is my fave too. I got the solid perfume too but don't think the scent is very strong or lasts very long compared to their other solid perfumes. Still nice though :D x

  4. Ah your lucky, I really wanted UB vol 2 but it's like sold out and going for crazy amounts on ebay!

    Bought American cream last week, used it today and I see why its one of your faves!


  5. @Lu yeah it doesnt last long :( ive just been walking about with it plastered to my nose ha ha

    @Monika aww thats rubbish!! I was quite lucky and got it when it first came out (which is why it looks a little grubby) But yay for all the American Cream loving!

  6. I NEED to try out Liz Erle products I heard they are actually incredible! :)

  7. I have never thought about only buying perfume with the points, seems good to be. Buy a more expensive product and use the points to get money off. I definitely need to shop more in Boots! x

  8. @Imo I've really liked everything i've tried so far, I also fancy getting her book in skincare

    @Claire I always feel a bit guilty spending a lot of money on perfume so this is completely guilt free :D



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