Sunday, 31 January 2010

Happy 101

Hello Everyone :)

I'm catching up on some serious blogging this evening!! I have been tagged by a few people for the Happy 101 award including Goldielocks Beauty and Kate so thank you everyone :D.
Here are my 10 things that make me happiest :D

Nick - I've been going out with Nick for two years and lived together for a year. He's a proper goon but he makes me laugh and is probably the most trustworthy person I have ever met. Pretty much he looks after me :D

I love this photo, it was taken when we were first going out in my old bedroom at my mums. I'm a goon

My Amazing Friends. I do believe I have some of the most fabulous friends . We are a proper dysfunctional group of people but I wouldn't change them for the world

Music Some of my favorites include The Smiths, Candi Staton, The Supremes, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, No Doubt, 80's Madonna, The Knife, LCD Soundsystem, Patti Smith, Patrick Wolf, Cyndi Lauper, I could go on and on...Oh and also...

Kinder Ha ha I know this is random but I LOVE Kinder chocolate. For my birthday one year Nick decorated an egg box by covering it in gold glitter and put in six Kinder Eggs, to this day it is the most lovely and thoughtfull thing someone has done for me!

University I know I often moan about the amount of work I have to do but I actually have so much fun at uni. Anywhere that will give me a degree as a result of making giant cardboard teacups and a 'cunty wife' sign is A-OK in my books :D

Reading I love love love to read. Studying literature at uni can sometimes suck the fun but it really is my number one way to relax. My favorite author is Alasdair Gray, please go and read Poor is AMAZING

Glasgow Pretty much it's home ♥

My Make Up Collection I love my collection, it's ever expanding and a constant source of bickering between Nick and I (he doesn't understand why I need 10 pink blushes...?). I love that make up has allowed me to meet all you fabulous make up geeks, you are all amazing and lovely!

Sex and the City My absolute number one telly programme of all time. My sex and the city boxset is one of my most treasured posessions. The last episode makes me cry everytime I watch it. I mentioned this on twitter not too long ago but it's so funny how many of our conversations include the phrase 'it's like that episode in sex and the city when...'

I heart Big

Lilies I always have fresh lilies in my living room. Ever since I can remember my mum always had lilies in her room and i've carried it on into my little house. To me, fresh flowers add instant happiness to a room!

If you haven't done this already... I tag you!

Lots of Love


  1. n'awwh this is cute.. love the lilies
    pmsl at the cunty wife???


  2. Pahh ha ha loooong story...we had to redo a restoration play called the country wife but update it to be postmodern so we called it the cunty was hilarious we had massive dancing cardboard teacups and I had to dress up as a man with a bowler hat and a moustache in a silent film :D xoxo

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another sex and the city fan. On my new blog i am going to recreate some of the girls outfits on a budget soon. I already knew cause your blog how fun and cute you were and now....just that much better.
    My bridal shower was sex and the city themed lol Love my box set, love my board game, My husband makes fun of me because i always ace any trivia about the show. My girlfriends and i alllllwayyyysss say "this is so like that episode" or "he is so like the guy"
    My husband is planning on taking me to do the NYC satc bus tour.
    Ps did you know they just came out with 3 scents of satc purfume, almost bought all three last night hahaha

  4. actually i meant 6 scents not 3...even better

  5. Thankyou for the indirect tag. I have posted my top 10 and linked back to this post.

    Check it out at..

    thanks Tobii-Rhea xx


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