Friday, 8 January 2010

Spot of Shopping Two

Hello Everyone :)

Today I had an advisor meeting at uni before I went to work which meant I had a good few hours to kill in town meaning a spot of shopping ensued. Looking back at what I got it really is a random selection but it made me happy :)

As predicted, I headed back to the Accesorize sale but only picked up one thing, theeeee most beautiful hairband for less than £2!! I also got these two red flower hair clips which look lovely against dark hair

Bumpits!!! I got these in Claire's and being honest i'm witholding my judgment untill i've tried them properly though anything that saves my poor hair from endless backcombing can't be a bad thing. I love the baby bumpit!

I popped into Boots but quite tragically nothing really took my fancy, I really am feeling quite guilty about the amount of make up I have accumulated lately so I really am trying to cut back. My favourite Nailene falsies were on buy one get one half price so were swiftly popped into my basket. I also picked up two completely unecessary items...Soap and Glory's Glad Pits deodorant and Rose and Co Cherry Kiss. Both are overpriced at about £4, I have much better lip balms at a quarter of the price and honestly, glad pits is just deodorant that smells like green tea. As usual I was sucked in by pretty packaging ha ha...I need to stop impulse buying!!!

I got this high waisted skirt in Warehouse...Warehouse is probably one of my favourite high street shops, I always think the clothes are cut really well from lovely fabrics. I also bought two oversized t-shirts too, all of which will be brilliant for kicking about uni.

Saved the best for last...I fell in love with this skirt from River Island, I felt like a fairy/ballerina when I tried it on ha ha...unfortunately this photo doesn't do it much justice, it's much nicer on, I love it!!

Lots of Love

P.S To everyone who has tagged me for awards THANK YOU! You are all amazing and lovely :)


  1. The flower clips are ADORABLE! I'm also in love with the high waisted skirt! Gorgeous buys<3

    xo Caitlin

  2. aww that big gold bow headband is amazing!
    will look great!

    good buys xx

  3. i LOVE the skirts
    and ive always been too scared to try a bumpit with my thin hair, im afraid it would show through!

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  5. @Caitlin Thank you! I really like the clips will be a good way of disguising a bad hair day!

    @tenxx I can't believe I got it for under £2, bargain!

    @Brigitte Ha ha I know i'm not sure how they will work out but i'll give them a go!


  6. I LOVE that last skirt! Im also intrigued somewhat by the bumpits..they sound cool, please do a post on them as I love big hair and would love to know what you think of them :)

  7. Thank You!! I've posted some lavvly photos of the skirt on and I will definitely do a post on my bumpits as soon as I use them :D xx

  8. I bought the bumpits too but haven't tried yet. We'll see!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!


  9. I know i'm still trying to work out the best way to use them! x

  10. The red flower clips are so pretty! I love that red! :)


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