Monday, 8 February 2010

Glasses, Take That and Some Lip Stuffs!

Hello Everyone :)

Being honest, this is a bit of a mish mash post! Firstly, over the weekend I got my new glasses (you're not allowed to laugh as I do not have a face that welcomes's too round lol)

Uch why do I have to have stupid, non working eyes! My face needs some angles lol! (Oops just noticed my denim skirt drying behind me...I made that skirt out of a pair of Nick's diesel jeans that he ripped...don't ever throw out a pair of jeans as its so easy to turn them into a laavly skirt!)

Also...I have recently acquired my idea of game heaven...

Take That Singstar Yaaaay! I have finally found a game I can whoop Nick at! I love singstar it's amazing...they even do a Disney one. The Take That one is amazing as it plays all their old videos as you for any take that fans...'do what you like' and that amazing video ha ha!

Finally, I posted my most recent MAC splurge a couple of days ago and chatted about how I had repurchased Angel after running out a couple of months ago... I've worn it everyday since I got it again and have teamed it with NARS Orgasm...they are so lovely together!

I think this is really pretty and lovely for during the day :). Sorry about how random this post was...rather than doing three small posts it was just easier to do a meeeesh maaaash!

Lots of Love


  1. I have Take That singstar, it's fab isn't it (bet I do my neighbours head in hehe!) lovely glasses! I need a new pair, just hate forking out for them. xx

  2. I love singstar, I steal my boyfriends little sisters one whenever I can :) Totally kick arse on the HSM one!
    Love your glasses & don't be silly, you look great in them! My face is round too, and I used to think I looked stupid with glasses on but I quite like it now :) Have to wear them all the time though. xo

  3. lovely pics Nic, I think you have a cute face for glasses! My head is square and glasses kinda enhance that lmao!

    Im torn between angel, creme cup and politely pink =0/ i really want a mac lippie! xxx



  5. @Carly-Anne...I love it, it's much fuun!! And it's ridic how expensive glasses are eh?

    @Cinny Loves...Ha I probs just have to get used to them!

    @Noobarella Awww thanks luv! Ha my sister always goes on about how square her head is too ha ha...GET ALL THREEEE!

    @life love and lipgloss...he he yay for take that!

    @perfectionishuman...thank you!!!



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