Monday, 15 February 2010

Product Regret

Hello Everyone :)

I don't think i've ever done a product regret post so this can be my first! Here's a selection of products that I definitely am not loving...

Barry M's lip paint in 52... This looks vile on me...I was quite disappointed as it looks really cool on others. My friend Sarah rocks it! Sadly it's just not me for me and my skin tone

St. Moriz...I know this will probably be a contraversial one but I will explain...When I first got St Moriz I really did love doesn't have a strong smell, is so affordable and does produce a lovely bronzed colour. However, after using it a couple times my skin started breaking out in big welts! It was honestly so, so painful :( I've had to traipse back to St Tropez and Loreal Sublime with my tail between my legs!

Gosh's Precious Powder Pearls...Euch I love Gosh but these do nothing! Honestly, when swatched there is hint of shimmer...nothing!

China Glaze Polish in Naked...Again, similar to the Barry M Lip Paint this is just a badly chosen colour. It's funny how some nail polishes don't suit your hand!

Clinique's Deep Comfort Body Butter....Again this is just a bleugh product. I normally love clinique products but I think it's the lack of scent that really bothers me! Everytime I use this I do just think blaaaaah.

ALL Dermalogica Products...Dermalogica introduced me to the downside of listening to the hype. I'd read so many reviews and celeb testemonials raving about dermalogica and off I went and spent a small fortune to does nothing for my skin except inflame, irritate and dry it out! I then tried Liz Earle and haven't looked back. I've learned my lesson!

If you've done a product regret post link it in the comments :)

Lots of Love


  1. ohhhhh fab post, if i was to do one of these it would take me a year to write lol i think my biggest beauty fail had to be the maybelline dream creamy foundation... urgh! xxx

  2. Oh what a shame, I love that Clinique body butter!

    I'm not sure that lipstick is one many people could pull off. It's all about trial and error! xxx

  3. I love these posts, I really want to do one soon!

    That's a shame about the St. Moriz tanning mousse. After hearing so many girls from the UK rave about it, when summer gets a bit closer I was going to order one from a website I found that ships to the US... I have sensitive skin though, so mabye not such a good idea now!


  4. @Noobarella...was that the one that broke you out?

    @R...I really think its just the lack of scent!

    @Caitlin...I've only heard a few other people say that it affected their should still try it!


  5. OOO that lipstick looks amazing, such a shame that it doesn't suit you!
    But you're right, I'm wearing a nail polish at the moment that makes me hands look too pale. How odd?

  6. Ooh i loove these kind of posts :) like seeing what people dont like and do like and seeing the different opinions on things xx

  7. St Moriz broke u out?! Have you tried St Tropez? Lots of people say they're practically the same thing but I do think the colour of St Tropez is a bit better. I'm going to try the Fake Bake one you talked about in another post :P xx


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