Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Spot of Shopping Three

Hello Everyone :)

This evening I fancied a chat about some things i've bought lately :D. Number one is obviously my fringe which you can read about below. Today was my first day wearing it for realsies and I really love it. I forgot to mention in my post that it is from a company called I&K Hair Extensions.

I recently got two of the new products from Lush...

The Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - Yum Yum Yum! Firstly, it is so ca-ute!! I think it smells a lot like yummy yummy yummy shower gel. I've been itching to use it since I got it!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub - A lip scrub? That smells like Snow Fairy? It's fushia pink? I was sold straight away :D Pretty much it's flavoured castor sugar so most probably not worth £4.50 but i've heard so many good things I couldn't resist!

Illamasqua Blush in Unrequited - I've been expressing some serious love for Illamasqua lately. I love the products and I love the customer service. This powder blush is a lovely baby's just as shame the flash washed it out

China Glaze Polishes in Innocence and Naked and O.P.I polishes in Passion and Deep Valley Spice - In all honesty, I really dislike both the china glaze polishes, they really do not suit my skin tone on. However, I LOVE O.P.I's Deer Valley Spice which I'm wearing in my post below. It's odd because Innocence and Passion are really similar but I much prefer the O.P.I.

And now for a confession....I have a serious love for big and well...tacky jewelry, my absolute favorite being Juicy Couture. When I was in New York at Christmas I bought a juicy couture charm bracelet and I recently got a new charm (brace yourselves, its so...BIG)

I can't help's love!! Let me know if you've tried any of the new Lush products!

Lots of Love

P.S I should also have mentioned that the charm has moving wheels...this amused me for a good 10 minutes ha ha ha


  1. i really wanna try both of the lush bits you got!
    will do please do a review?


  2. I have that lipscrub I love it :) XO

  3. ooh I'd love to see a photo of the charm on the bracelet?

    lovely buys x

  4. yay for juicy couture i heart lol some of my fav bracelets are juicy yum x

  5. You make me laugh nic :P
    I really need to try some Illamasqua!! I dont want to buy offline as i love seeing all the pretty blushes lined up <3i need to make a trip to cardiff soon


  6. @Lifeloveandlipgloss...sure I can luv!

    @Hannah - I still haven't had a chance to use it yet!

    @Juicygirl - Yay for Juicy

    @Abbie ha ha i'm a goon! Yeah go to the counter and talk to the lovely illamasqua people, I always spend ages chatting to them!


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