Saturday, 20 February 2010

Happiness in a Hat!

Hello Everyone :)

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will already know of my love of hair accessories...I pretty much wear something ornamental in my hair everyday and I get quite a lot of comments and questions about this love of i've put together some of my favorites. I do have to apologise as it proved so bloody difficult to take good photos so do excuse my bad photography skills!


I heart sequins...whenever i'm feeling a bit blue on go the sequins and they give me a little smile! I love the sequined bow, it makes me happy! I got the hat in Camden Market like 3/4 years ago though I think i've seen quite a few similar ones in Primark and New Look (and no, I do not know what is going on with my facial expression HA). This little headband is a new addition to my's so pretty and cost a fortune at £2 from Primark!


As you all know I do love the flowers in my hair! I LOVE the top one...i've got quite a few this size and I think they're FAB! I like the second flower to jazz up a messy ponytail! And sadly you can't see my elasticated flower headband in the photo but you can in realsies...promise!!


This first headband (from ASOS) is for the lovely Kim who posted a photo of this on her lovely blog recently!! I also like this little grey hat that I got from H&M!


The first headband I quite often use either when i'm wearing 'the fringe' or if my hair is up! Also I love little kirby grips like this one from Accesorize!

I hope this wasn't too boring for everyone...t'was a good excuse for me to indulge in my love :D

Lots of Love


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  2. I love the second flower one in your hair! It looks sooo pretty!

  3. I really like the grey hat! Also gold looks pretty in your hair miss :o)

  4. I love the first two flowers..I've been dying to try this out but always end up chickening out :(

  5. @Jane..Thank You!! I think red and dark hair go so well together!

    @Cait...Thank you lovely!! Gold is my favourite colour so I try and wear it all the time :D

    @Perfectionishuman...Ohhh you can get little tiny flowers in accessorize, they would be a good place to start! In no time you'll be rocking the huge ones :)


  6. I love the 2nd picture muahaha, you look so cute :D
    I wish i could look good with stuff in my hair, but it never works out

  7. Ha ha ha I am an actual goon - Where did my eyes go?! Awww how come? I probably look ridiculous half the time...the big pink flower is about half the size of my head paah haah xoxo

  8. Love the fist picturee. Beautiful ♥ xoxo

  9. my oh my, you are SUCH a cutie! your hair accessories are very pretty darling.


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