Thursday, 4 February 2010

A lil bit of M.A.C

Hello Everyone :)

I placed a wee order at M.A.C the other day as I had realised I was running low on some basics (and free delivery always sucks me in!)...

I always get so excited seeing that little black box waiting for me when I get home...on to what I got!

L-R Print, Sable and Carbon - Three of my favourite, use all the time, M.A.C shadows! This is about my third pan of carbon (a hint I use too much black?) and my sable had crumbled as I dropped my pallet and couldn't stand it look so ugly so this its replacement. Do you all buy the pans or the pots? I've recently just started my second M.A.C 15 shadow pallet and have decided i'm only going to buy pans now...I hate depotting though I always feel a bit cheated when I buy shadows potless!

After using my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 2 for the last couple of months I have went back to using my M.A.C shaddows and I honestly do love them. They're so smooth and easy to work with (not that I don't like UD!)

Angel Lipstick - This was my first ever M.A.C lippy and I think will always be a repurchase item. I think it's such a lovely, flattering everyday colour. I am definitely a pink lips kinda girl rather than nude...nudes just do not seem to suit me...I really wish they did though!!

Pinch O Peach Blush - With my hair dyed darker i've been loving peach and bronze coloured blushes so decided to try Pinch O Peach. It's a bit more pink that I thought but it's such a lovely colour! I need to stop feeding my blush addiction!

This year i'm trying to avoid buying items from the collections as I am always disappointed and spend far too much money eg I really wanted by Candlelight MSF but EVERY MSF I have tried (and I have tried a lot) turns me into a shiny mess and doesn't seem to photograph well at all so I abstained!

Hope you're all doing good my lovelys!

Lots of Love

P.S Oh also any non UK bloggers who would be interested in maybe doing a wee swap I would love to have a chat about it...if you're interested leave a comment or email me at :)

P.P.S I just got a formspring....I promise to answer everything!


  1. Lovely purchases hunnie, I love pinch o peach i used it nearly every say when i bought it until i got onto cream blushes which are my recent obsession :)

  2. Hey, i just noticed your picture of Jared Leto..... Oh Jared leto! :) i love him!

  3. great haul i love angel it gets used every day lol my all time fav i think :)

  4. Great buys I love getting new MAC products :) XO

  5. @Paula yeah I have a couple of cream Ilamasqua blushes which I'm really loving just now :)

    @Lucie Ohhhh Jared is so dreamy <3

    @Juicygirl thank you! I'm exactly the same number one everyday!

    @Hannah He he it's so exciting!


  6. cheeky lil haul!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive just ordered some goodies from in lillyland =D xxx

  7. Have you tried Soft and Gentle MSF? Its really great for a high light on the cheeks :)

    Love the Angel lipstick, looks gorgeous!

  8. I think im gonna get angel lipstick next, looks lush!
    Pinch o peach was my first mac blush! I've really hit pan on that one.. its a lovely colour but i always forget about it!

    I wanna get some mac noww!! lots of people have this week xx

  9. I haven't bought anything from Mac in agggeeess. That blush looks gorgeous!

  10. Lovely haul hun :) I have all those shadows too they're great. And I love Angel!!! xxx

  11. @Noobarella...Lillyland tempted me but I stayed strong! Can't wait to see what you got!
    @Lorien...I tried soft and gentle but again I just didn't think it suited me :(
    @Abbie...I noticed that too there's been mac a-plenty :D Oooooh get angel!
    @R ha ha go and treat yourself...i'm loving pinchopeach!
    @Chloe Thanks luv...<3 angel!


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