Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cardigan Love and a Little Product Rave

Hello Everyone :)

I've been eyeing this cardigan up in topshop all last week and decided to just go for it and buy it...I LOVE it!

How sweet is this little cardy? I bought it a size up so it would be nice and long and baggy...perfect for spring when you don't want to wear a jacket! I also got this skirt from toppers when I was in...

It's a denim-look bodycon skirt...I really like it! I love toppers but honestly, I do think it can be a bit overpriced for the quality you get eg that cardy cost me £35 and when I got it home realised one of the buttons had fallen off in the bag hmmmm :/

Also...look whos sneaking behind me cardigan...

Ha ha I wanted to put him above my bed but Nick said no (booo) so poor Edward's been made to hide behind my wardrobe door!

Moving swiftly onto a product I think i've chatted about before but i've been using it pretty much everyday and have just bought my second bottle...

Fake Bake's Beyond Bronze Instant Tan. I can't help it...My name's Nicola and i'm a fake tan addict. I love the idea of a wash off, instant tan, however I've always hated (!!!) Rimmel's Sun Shimmer. It's such a horrible, dirty looking tan and always reminds me of girls on snog, marry or avoid slapping it on before a night out so when I saw this in the boots in Glasgow airport I decided to give it a bash. Firstly, the colour is a lovely bronze and not that muddy, shimmery mess that is sunshimmer. It also dries quickly and doesn't transfer onto clothes which I think is another sunshimmer downfall.

The only disadvantage is beyond bronze is a bit more expensive but I think it's worth it! I've seen it in boots and superdrug and there's lots more products in the Beyond Bronze range that I want to give a try!

Lots of Love


  1. That cardi is so so cutee! I never go in topshop, my purse can't handle the prices but they've had some beautiful stuff in recently! xo

  2. i have such a cardii obsession and that one is too cute.

  3. tooo cute perfect very valentines day i heart xoxo

  4. Cute cardi - I love the buttons.x

  5. I'm going to have a keep an eye out for this cardi.. and as much as I adore R.Patz.. I can't think of anything scarier than waking up to his face on my ceiling.. that being said, I would :P

  6. hahah we have so much in common. I wanted to do the same thing with my robert pattison speard in vanity fair but my husband said NO NO NO! but he did get me an edward cullen cup. haha They just dont understand haha

  7. He he Thanks Everyone!! xoxo

  8. HOw much was the cardi !
    i must get it!! x

  9. I think it was about £35 luv :) xoxo


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