Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Superdrug and Lush and Primark Oh My!

Hello Everyone :)

Just a little post to share some of my latest purchases with you all :)


I picked up the comforter because it's one of favourites :) It just smells delish!! I also got talked into buying Happy Blooming by the Lush Lady but it does actually smell quite nice (supposed to be like cherrys which I can smell a little bit) and I do like how moisturising bath melts are...also I like how it's already sectioned into threes so you can just snap a third off!

I have been so excited to get my grubby little paws on The Godmother! Yay for snow fairy scented soap! Lush are right...if pink had a scent, this would be it!


Lately i've been neglecting liquid liners, preferring to use khol or gels...however i've wanted to try L'oreals Super Liner for a while so picked it up. I've only used it a few times but can't believe how easy it is to use! Also picked up Maybellines The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara...first impressions are quite good, they've changed the shape of the wand to this...

It has a pretty curve! I wont say too much as I haven't had a proper chance to try it yet but i'll let you all know what I think soon :)

I paid a little visit to the Barry M counter and picked up a Lip Lacquer Crayon in No 5 Ballet Pink, a blush in No 1 Pink Orchid and a lip gloss in No 5 Bubblegum are some swatches

I think I must of been in a pink mood! I didn't really know what to expect from the crayon but it's a really pretty and unusual colour!


These are the sweetest little pjs i've seen in ages! Not very winter friendly but I heart them...I now officially own a pair of bloomers!

Talking of bloomers I got some pretty pants...heart the big pink bow!

Then just picked up some random bits and pieces...a headband, a pair of Pat Butchers finest, a fab sunglasses case and a huge pink flower brooch that I will probably wear in my hair!

I'm loving Primark at the moment...I also got a pair of black and pair of gray harem pants but they were too hard to photograph!

Lots of Love


  1. fab haulage!
    Super Liner is my ultimate fave, its sooooooo easy, wlel it must be if a doughnut like me can draw a straight line with it lol!


  2. I can't wait to get Godmother soap!
    Yay for Snow Fairy scent ^_^
    Lovely post!

  3. I absolutely love the leopard print case!!!

  4. Wow, Primark have some great stuff atm!! I haven't been in for ages..I must! I'm desperate to try the BarryM crayon - looks like a gorgeous colour! x x

  5. Wow, great purchases! I love Super Liner - best liquid liner I've ever used and it's so quick and easy to apply! The Barry M crayons look amazing too :) x

  6. Maybelline's mascaras don't agree with me, they smell and they're too wet, if that makes sense :(

    Is the Barry M crayon quite sheer? I quite fancy one but I don't really suit really pale pink unless it's more like a gloss x

  7. Lovely buys! I bought that Barry M lip lacquer crayon the other day, it really is gorgeous!! x

  8. i went to my lush the other day and they ran out of the godmother. tear!

    emma x.x.x

    p.s i love the pants with the big bow on.

  9. @Karleigh...he he i'm so impressed with it!
    @Stella..thank you! It's so pretty!'s so glittery!
    @Beth...gooo and get it! It's a bargain at only £4!
    @LilyLipstick...Yeah i'm really loving superliner!
    @Mhairi...Yes luv it's quite sheer, it's a really unsual color as it has an almost lilac sheen to it
    @Carly-Anne...yay! I really like it! thats rubbish! My nearest lush isn't busy at all so i'm quite lucky!

  10. Love lush, I really want to try the new barry m crayons! & ive just bought that mascara but havent tryed it yet! XO

  11. I love l'oreal super liner!! its the best <3
    I'm on my 3rd on now!
    Cute nickers ahah


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