Friday, 19 February 2010

Nicola and Pink Eyeshadow?

Hello Everyone :)

This afternoon I was at a loose end so decided to have a rummage about to find some unused eyeshadows and found a dazzle dust by Barry M in neon pink...this is probably the exact opposite of my usual make up attire so decided to challenge myself...

This was actually really easy I just used the dazzledust and then used a pencil brush to shape the black (MAC Carbon, obviouslyI had to get some black in there somewhere ha) and then used a fluffy brush to blend! Easy peasy! What's cool is that the pink and black make almost a violet colour! Being honest though, I don't like pink on me at all but was fun to play with!

Lots of Love
Nicola xoxo


  1. cute! im really loving dazzle dusts, once my spending ban is up thats it, im going nuts and getting them all! can u rec a good blending brush? my current one is cheap and crappy =0/ xxxx

  2. I think this looks really pretty grate way to waer pink if you dont want to go all and and have it to shocking.


  3. If I could.. I would marry dazzle dusts.

  4. That looks lush on you!!
    Seriously really pretty
    What are you wearing on your lips? Looks nicee

  5. i love it! bright colors are so fun xx

  6. I think the pink looks lovely on you :)

  7. @Karleigh...Thank you! If you're feeling flush I like the MAC 217 however, I use a brush from Revlon just as much as my MAC one which is about £6!!
    @life love and lipgloss...thank you!! i'm still not sure about it!
    @perfectionishuman...they are amazing for the money!!
    @Abbie...Thankies! It's Barry Ms gloss I talked about in the post below...think the colours bubblegum :)
    @Tennille...Yay!! I might be tempted to use more brights!
    @Heather...Thanks lady!

  8. Your eyes look really pretty :) XO


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