Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Favorites!

Hello Everyone :)

I think everyone has said it but this year is flying by! I've had a really good month this month, lots of good things happened like both Nick and I's birthday, our anniversary, Valentines Day, lots of lovely nights out with my beautiful friends and i've had a whole week off work which never ever happens!

Here's my beauty favorites from this month, I had quite a tough time narrowing them down!!

1. The body shop's Dewberry Shower Gel

This is a blast from the past! Does anyone remember the Dewberry perfume? It always reminds me of my mum :). I think this smells beautiful and unlike a lot of shower gels, the smell actually lingers on my skin! If you want to get your hands on some of the retro body shop products do it now as all shower gels are buy one get one free!

2. 'Juicy Couture'

I blooming love this perfume! It's quite an unusual scent, I would say in the same family as Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Lovely'. It's really long lasting and just look at that bottle, it's amazing!! And so my Juicy Couture love rages on...

3. Benefit's High Beam

At the beginning of the month I posted a FOTD and a few of you wonderful people commented about how 'glowy' I looked and I think it's this bad boy that's responsible. I had always overlooked moon beam as it had, in my eyes, been overshadowed by High Beam. However, when mixed with foundation it creates this beautiful, dewy finish! Just look at that irridescent colour you can see at the top of the bottle...gorgeous!

4. O.P.I's Deer Valley Spice

I've blogged about this polish before but the colour is divine. In the bottle it looks a gorgeous ruby red however on the nail a blueish purple shimmer appears when it hits light!

5. Illamasqua Vanian Eyeshadow

This is a lovely highlight colour, both for eyes and face. It adds a subtle shimmer as coloured highlight shadows give me the fear...I have seen far too many amazing eye looks be ruined by a strong coloured highlight!

6. YSL Rouge Volupte 19 'Frivolous Pink'

I am going to start by saying everytime I look at this lipstick I get a tiny niggling of guilt stir in the back of my mind...I am fully aware how silly it is to spend £21 on a lipstick though I love it. It's a lovely baby pink yet is still quite bright when applied to the lips. The formula is extrememly creamy and rich and is all round extrememly pretty!

Hope you're all well and that we all have a Marvellous March :D

Lots of Love
Nicola xoxo


  1. I love Body Shop shower gels! :) I have "Green Apple" from the retro collection, it's lovely. I also have Mango, but there isn't much left of it.

  2. Body shop shower gels are my favourite! I really want to try a ysl lipstick to see what there like! XO

  3. I've got Benefit's Moon Beam, but never really used it. Think I will now though :) xxx

  4. eek- Benefits Moon Beam looks SO PRETTY in the bottle! Looks like i'm going to have to give it a try :) I also love how the juicy couture perfume smells! xo

  5. @Sagu...They've also brought back banana, another icon!!
    @Hannah...I love BS showergels...they really linger on the skin!
    @Olivia...Ohh you should, I overlook it too but going to try and use it more and more!
    @Caitlin...It's def my favorite scent of the moment!


  6. It may be silly to spend £21 on a lipstick in some people's eyes but not ours ;) I'm curious about these lipsticks as everyone seems to love them.

    I have given you an award on my blog:


  7. I really want to get a volupte lipstick but my boyfriend looks at me silly when i say its £20
    So i've been savin up my boots points so i don't have to spend a ridulous amont on it then ;)

  8. I love the body shops dewberry shower gel. I was crazily happy when I saw it was on their website again. I'm not quite old enough to remember the dewberry stuff the first time round but I have the perfume oil which they still sell. I am in love with both of them.
    Do you know when/if they are discontinuing the retro body shop stuff?

  9. I love Fuzzy Peach shower gel too :D I think it's permy for the moment hunny though i'm not too sure, it's all part of the 'it's back range' and I haven't seen any dates so fingers crossed it's permanent xxx


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