Monday, 19 December 2011

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Hey dolls,

On Saturday, my friend Clare and I were invited by Ann to the opening night of The Scottish Ballet's The Sleeping BeautyThere is nothing more festive than going to the ballet - for the last couple of years my family have been going to Scottish Ballet productions at Christmas - it's become a tradition (We're going to see The Sleeping Beauty on Tuesday!) and I was so excited about The Sleeping Beauty because I LOVE fairy tales!!

The Sleeping Beauty is absolutely magical - as with all Scottish Ballet productions I have seen, there is an intricately woven web of romance, excitement, comedy and suspense.  The costumes were unbelievably beautiful and detailed and the set changes were breathtaking - I'm always taken aback by the Scottish Ballet's amazing movable scenes.  Just as breathtaking were some of the male dancers hair in the opening acts - honestly they defied gravity, I need to find out what they're using that keeps their hair perfectly in place whilst jumping in the air!

Some of my personal highlights include the flitting between time periods (the ballet begins in 1830, then moves to 1846 and finally 1946, meaning lots of amazing period costumes) and the inclusion of some of my favourite fairy tale characters - Red Riding Hood, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. However what stole the show for both Clare and I was hearing the Scottish Ballet's orchestra play Tchaikovsky's waltz made famous in Disney's Sleeping Beauty as Once Upon a Dream.

I also loved the three 'baddies' of the ballet - Carbosse and her two daughters Pina and Lucinda (one of which is half pig and the other half bat!) I always think that the villains must be the most fun to play and these three added just the right amount of creepiness and tension whilst also being funny! Below is the trailer for Sleeping Beauty which demonstrates perfectly just how visually magical the piece is...

The Sleeping Beauty runs in Glasgow through to the end of December before moving on to
Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and finally Newcastle.  If you get the opportunity to go, please do, it's the perfect way to spend the holidays!

Thank you so much to Ann and everyone at the Scottish Ballet for putting on such an amazing evening!

Love Nicola

P.S We should be friends in real life if you have seen the documentary I pinched the title of this post from


  1. aaw, glad you enjoyed it lady :) was really nice to see you again - have a fab christmas! xx

  2. I haven't been to a ballet in ages... oh I love it!


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