Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Festival Times

Hey dolls :)

This is just a quick post to share some terrible photos from Rockness...I had an amazing weekend, my highlight was probably Debbie Harry singing Taio Cruz Break Your Heart - she was sporting the most A-MAZING cut crease look I have seen in ages and had a platinum wig on, my chum Lynsey summed her up perfectly - she looked like GaGa's mum!

This is what I wore - I opted for layers which turned out to be a good thing as by the end it was FREEZING. Nothing glamorous but it kept me toasty and dry!

Daniel and I had the same Mac in a Pac from Primark - If you are festival bound this summer I can't recommend this enough, it was only £6 and kept the rain out all day and night - also apparently it's 'windproof' but I don't really know what that means...

This is Nick and his two friends Pete and Daniel - some may say shorts were a flawed choice...

Ha ha I love this photo - looking a little bedraggled but still smiling...

How amazing does Debbie Harry look?

At the beginning of the day - Rockness is one of the most beautiful festivals I have been too - it's on the banks of Loch Ness, it's still quite a small festival but is getting bigger each year and I honestly can't tell you how lovely and laid back it is...

From my five years of festival going there are certain things I have noticed:

1. Wearing red lipstick and/or false lashes make you look ridiculous
2. Maxi dresses are not appropriate attire - neither are heels
3. If you insist on doing drugs there is a certain age where it looks a bit sad/wrong
4. Fighting with complete strangers is stupid - especially if you're a 40 year old woman who slaps an 18 year old
5. Whipping someone in the face with your manky dread lock whilst also being a bit minging is highly hilarious

Festivals: rain/sun/mud/warm cider/amazing music/old friends/new friends/portaloos/wellies/laughing/singing/screaming/hugs/disco dancing/queuing/silly hats/sunglasses/hangovers.

Lots of Love


  1. Awww im sooo jealous really wanted to go to rockness but couldnt get the time off work :(
    You look fab hun, defo agree with ur points at the end, festivals are the only place you actually look silly primmped & preened!! :)
    Luv xXx

  2. Fun pictures!:D Your 5 things list made me laugh a bit, so true.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Oooo looked like you had fun :D
    Love the pac a mac tis cute.. i think wind resistant means the wind won't go up your sleeves or up your jacket.. i think

  4. Loved reading this :) & u looked great mrs.
    Going to Glasto next week and got me excited xxx

  5. Suzi - Awww that's rubbish, I could only go on the Sunday because I couldn't get the Saturday off, I couldn't get the T weekend off either bad times! Ha ha I know the muddier you look the better :D

    Marie - Ha ha thank you!!

    Abbie - I'm trying to work out if I can wear it on a normal day or not...Oh and thank you, I was a bit puzzled hahaha

    Steph - Oh you lucky lady! Glasto is the one festival I haven't been to but really really want to!!!! Have an amazing time, and I hope it's sunny :D


  6. i went to a festival on monday, and there was the BIGGEST brawl! between a few girls, but then a GUYYYY came along and grabbed one girls head and kneeed her in the face!!!!! it was horrifying :( but the festival was AMAZING! love them :)

    and yeah, no to wearing falsies! there were girls that were wearing heels... but it was like in a pavillion, not grass... but still heels!? how were they meant to mosh to steven aoiki in HEELS! some girls haha

  7. I am sooooooooooooo jealous :(

    I went to Rockness last year but couldnt get the time off this year and had to listen to all my friends talking about going! They loved it (well apart from the weather)!

    Glad you had fun x

  8. Lorien - Fighting is so stupid! I never ever understand! Ha ha I always have a laugh at people who make a proper effort - we ended up covered in mud and rain, whats the point!

    Glitter and Love - Aww that's rubbish :( I could only get the sunday off, I couldn't get the T weekend off either boo!



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