Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My Favorite Jewelry of the Moment...

Hey Dolls :)

I love jewelry but get bored quite quickly so I go phases of wearing the same pieces constantly before moving on to something new. Here's what I'm loving at the moment...

I love big rings - the bigger the better. The big flower is from Accesorize and is my favorite. It's actually massive on but looks pretty! The middle is from Primark (I have this in cream and coral too) and I think everyone and their dog has has this ring haha! However, it's a bargain at about £2. The ring on the left is from H&M and is quite unusual as it's made from wood!

I love my little monocle owl. He's on quite a long chain and is just so cute! I got this necklace from Primark so another cheapie!

This is another long chain, this time from Urban Outfitters. It's my Nnnnnnn necklace and I really really like it! It's quite nice just to throw on during the day and I believe you can get any letter of the alphabet.

I much prefer gold but I do sometimes think it can look a tad tacky (considering most of my jewelry is from Primark ha) so for a change I quite like to wear some silver. I got my Tiffany bracelet for my 21st, it has my heart engraved on the heart. The smaller ring is from a small boutique in Largs and is lovely and delicate, the other ring is from Links of London years ago and I rather love my little hello kitty earrings!

I love a bit of Juicy Couture. I know this is definitely a love it/hate it bracelet, but I love love love it! The carriage has working wheels!

This is my Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland bracelet which makes me exceedingly happy. I adore the drink me/eat me labels.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous Jewelery! :) Love it all XO

  2. I LOVE the owl monocle, that is so cute and cool!

  3. I love wearing gold (tacky)jewellery to go out in, but funilly enough, all of my expensive, jeweller pieces are silver!


  4. that H&M ring is beaaaautiful! and im with you on the bigger the better ;) i love wearing cocktail rings. and I defs need to pick me up one of those N necklaces! <3 xoxo

  5. Hannah - Thank yoou :)

    Lillian - Ha ha I saw him and had to have him!

    BrittanyJoy - I'm exactly the same!!! I don't like serious gold jewelery, the tackier the better :D

    Peachykeen - It's still quite new so you should definitely go get one!



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